What is wrong with me :/ ?!

Question: What is wrong with me :/ ?
Why do I overreact ? One time I was sitting on my bed listening to music and all of a sudden I heard my mom say "Justin bieber is on tv"! And I freaked out . I bascially had a panic attack and running up and down like a 5yr old who has a sugar rush. Then I was on facebook and this guy called me babe and every time he said that I was laughing so much I looked like I was about fall on the ground :') and please help me : with ways to not overreact ! Don't say count to 10 and breathe .. it DOESN'T work for me .


Bieber Fever...there is no cure...prognosis: terminally infatuated with moments of overreactivity. *removes stethoscope and shakes head*

RedAngel :)

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