SAFE drugs that make you hungry?!

Question: SAFE drugs that make you hungry?
Hi, I'm looking for a safe nonaddictive drug that can stimulate my appetite.
I'm trying to gain weight as soon as possible for my work out but I have a small appetite.

If you know of any drug, please don't hesitate to reply.


The last thing you need is drugs to make you hungry.

What you need to do to stimulate your appetite is to eat or drink more frequently. Shortly after you get up have some juice. About an hour later have some crackers.

Try to have something small every hour or so. I'm guessing that you have a habit of ignoring your hunger and now find yourself going for long times without feeling hungry.

This will help. But you may have to eat a little even if you don't really feel like you need to, just till it gets going again.Don't use drugs!

Best wishes!

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