what is the best way to smoke weed to get you the highest you can be?!

Question: What is the best way to smoke weed to get you the highest you can be?

Out of a glass pipe... When I was younger we would make a gravity bong. A bucket full of water and a milk jug or coke bottle anything big with a cap to take off. Make a
Tiny hole in the cap and with a lighter heat up the cap with out letting catch fire but long enough to melt the hole and push a metal bowl into the hole letting it melt on there to make a good seal. It must not have air leaks. Now cut out the bottom of the jug you are using put it in the water where the water is just below the mouth screw on the cap with the bowl packed and light it as your pulling the the jug up. It should burn the whole bowl. Pull it to almost the bottom is just below water level take off the cap push the jug down as your mouth is over the mouth of the jug and take as much smoke as you can... A whole bowl in one hit will blaze you out

lol boiling it and shooting it up, wow i hope he was kidding. but i heard this thing where u get like a barrel, and a pool, attach needed ammount of tubes to holes on the side, attatch a bowl to the top light it up dunk halfway into pool(like a huge bong) and 3 ppl can use the tubes whilst one guy goes under and takes a huge puff, i thinks that how they did it

Smoke it while you are laying down, it will feel like you are swirling in circles to the floor, it gets you the highest

Bongs will get you reaaallly high, but if you want to get the highest you can be than make edibles.
Also ghosting your hits (holding it in until no smoke comes out)

Volcano vaporizers = S.E.X.

I don't do drugs but I would think boiling it n shooting it in ur veins.what a question.!lol

honestly try it with some salvia and dude u will reach the frieken moon

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