What are some natural and easy ways to gain height?!

Question: What are some natural and easy ways to gain height?
Im 12 years old, a female, and my height is 5 ft. some people say my height is too short. please give me a solution on how to gain height.


You can't control your height. You CAN make sure that your bones are very strong and healthy, so later in life you won't LOSE any height, and you do that by getting plenty of calcium (this is especially important for a woman) from milk, yogurt, cheese, and calcium supplements, and by getting regular exercise. Don't slack on the exercise part either, many people think that calcium is the only thing that strong bones need, but regular exercise is what keeps your bones from getting weaker, just like it does with your muscles.

Secondly, give yourself another couple of years. Most girls don't reach their full height until they are at least around 14 or so.

Lastly, learn to appreciate who you are. There is nothing wrong with being 5 feet tall. I am only 5' 2", and I am the tallest woman in my family. And I love my height. There is no such thing as 'too short'. Trust me, when you're 12, everything feels a bit uncomfortable. But give yourself some time to get comfortable in your own body, and someday you'll really love being exactly who you are.

The most natural and easy way to gain height is getting older. You are 12 and you can fully expect to grow yet taller. You are not going to be grown for at least another 2 years.

And why do you listen to some people? You are pretty much average height for your age. And why do you want to conform with unreasonable expectations of people around you? Shouldn't your friends accept you whether you are short or tall? It's not like you can do much about your height anyway..and it's not a flaw to be either short or tall.

You can put yourself on an ancient Torture Device called a "Rack" and pull your limbs apart... That might get you a little taller... But it will be because your bones don't actually touch anymore.

I'm going to be blunt... Just stop this nonsense.

You're 12 so I won't be a b*tch but there is no way to control your height, breast size, distribution of fat on your body, ect. because it is 100% genetic.

It is super easy to stunt development... Poor Nutrition, Drugs, etc. can stop you from growing... But other than maintaining the optimal environment so that you can reach your full genetic potential, there is no way to alter your size in any way you'll see as "Good".

You need to exercise doing LIGHT weight training... SUPER LIGHT weight training... to strengthen bone mass.

You need to do cardio to strengthen muscles to support growth of ligaments etc. as you get older.

You need to try and avoid the crap-foods like fast food... Avoid it but don't cut it out of your life all together as a treat now and then... And eat healthy foods and take a multivitamin every day just to make 100% sure your body/brain has what it needs to grow properly...

Oh, and take a fish-oil supplement. Your brain is made of fat and water... Most of that fat is Omega Fatty Acids and at 12, your brain is 7 or so years away from full development so the more fish you eat, including the supplements, the better off your brain will be and your brain is more important than anything else.

You just keep fishing until you find the answer you want to hear.

But, you can't control your height, it's genetic. Deal with it.

Do a lot of exercises like stretching. And use healthy foods such has minerals and sleep well.

Go to this site for help


Wear shoes with heels.

You can't make yourself taller.

drink a lot of milk....this is the only way

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