really, why is pot illegal?!

Question: Really, why is pot illegal?
Im not looking for answers like, " Drugs are bad m,Kay ".

are government almost just shut down because of it is running out of money....again. and yet they spend billions a year on stopping pot when they should be making billions on taxing it. It has hardly any negative effects and the people who are going to smoke it are going to smoke it either way, and kids who do it have to go to the same guy who sells crack and heroin to get it. i dont understand how the government can say anti depressants which are very addictive and have negative effects, and tobacco which causes cancer and alcohol which causes violence and deaths by drunk driving and death by overdose is all ok. who are they to tell use what is ok for us when they dont even know. it seems like the people who shut down the idea of it are the people who dont know anything about it and have been brainwashed to think its bad without any reasons. its not addictive and has alot of medicinal advantages. ive had back surgery and had to be on pain killers for over a year and got physically addicted to them and have been prescribed many different anti depressants and have been through hell to get off them. pain killer withdraws are terrible by the way. and to think that i might of be able to have solved all these medication problems with one none addictive herb is like. ?????????, but i wont know if it would or not because is illegal. this is just confusing me. people who say there addicted to pot is like a fat person being addicted to McDonalds. its all in there mind, in that sense you can be addicted to anything.

i dont smoke pot by the way

this budget problem really made me start questioning our governments decisions thats why i ask. you know soldiers wouldnt get paid if we shut down but the rich guys in washington still would is just crazy. i posted this in law and thats where the stupid people are. they were like pot will instantly kill you and your family is you even think about it. they must work for the dea of something.

Thoughts, comments, legit answers anyone?


i coudnt agree more! with all this money the us is loosing if they just put a tax on weed imagine how much money they will get?! there has not been one recorded overdose of marijuana, i bet if they did legalize it everyone whos against it now would be smoking it! (: like i think if they put a tax on it & grow & sell it in the us it would end the recession.

From the little I know, the govertnment has no way to tax it. Some states have allowed medicinal marijuana and they tax patients for it...Weed can be grown in your backyard, even a closet,..... Your guess is as good as mine....

There are big business that make money off of it being illegal as well as others for the drug war.
The govt usually sells back the drugs it takes from the people back. They can make money from jailing and fining them,make money from selling back the drugs,from the tax payers for working the bogus jobs and so on. Theres money in any "war"

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