What could be wrong with me?!

Question: What could be wrong with me?
I'll start with the basics. I am fifteen years old and live in the western portion of the United States. In April/May, I was hospitalised twice, once for an apendectomy and the second for an abcyss (sp?) from my surgery. I had a PIC-line for about three weeks and was given antibiotics through it every six hours. After that I have not been hospitalised.

I began noticing my enlarged lymph nodes on my neck and behind my ears sometime early last year and got them checked out. The ENT told me not to worry unless they got any larger (and that's hard for me to tell). I guess for around a year and a half ago I've been complaining of severe stomach aches that seemed to be put somewhat to ease withTums, but I'd have to take three or four of them.

Then about five months ago I started getting stronger, stabbing pains in my upper right abdomen. With them came nausea, but they usually did not happen together. They get worse on an empty stomach, in the mornings (i wake up around 5am every day), and then 1-2 hour after eating. I've noticed my stomach staying relatively distended, where I could usually 'suck it in' I cannot anymore. For several weeks now I cannot bend my back and straighten it out without it spasming for a minute or two. Then for the past several days I have had little to no appetite.

I have been to my physician about three times for this now, the first time he gave me a prescription for a small pink round pill to take twice daily. It seemed to help for about a week them it stopped working. The last time I went he ran three tests on my blood: blood count, H. Pylori, and Celiac Disease. These all came back negative. I do have an appointment with a Gastrointestinologist in June, however I thought I might get some information here.

Sorry for my novel...any thoughts? Thank you for even reading this. :)



If the doctor's tests aren't working, definitely see a specialist.

See a professional Homeopath. Unless you like running around for test after test with no results and no relief of your problems.

Get yourself to a homeopath or herbalist before your physician kills you by poisoning you. What you are taking may relieve some problems by creating new ones. Unless you get holistic help, you will keep getting worse.

I have been through it, and I am perfectly healed thanks to a German trained homeopath.

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