whats a good home remedy for a soar throat?!

Question: Whats a good home remedy for a soar throat?
so i have a cold-_- and it came with a really sore scratchy throat, i cant take cough syrup till later caus its PM stuff and id fall asleep way to early:s whats a good home remedy to sooth a soar throat? thank you<3


ive tried honey and warm milk before, it works for me, it might work for you. and BTW. hope u feel better soon:)

1.Gargle with warm, kitchen salted water at least 5 times a day.
2.Drink warm,pepper powdered milk
3.salted ,hot Lemonade could be drunk frequently.
4.Chew logenzes.
5.Gingered, hot chicken-tomoto soups give relief to sore throats.

Gargle Listerine or salt water. Listerine is more effective because of its antiseptic properties.


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