How does it feel to be high off weed?!

Question: How does it feel to be high off weed?

You see everything differently. You are very relaxed. Your thought process is different, you come up with crazy ideas. You pick up on body language and other things more easily. Music sounds really amazing. Food tastes great. Your eyes become glassy and squinty (chink eyes) and sometimes red (mine do not become red). Eye drops will help. You just feel happy and relaxed. If you don't smoke often the first couple of times you may even feel like you aren't in your own body and are watching yourself. If you smoke a lot you might not remember what happened and you will get a "snap shot" or "slide show" effect where everything you see looks like frames. Very weird. Also, you may get a permanent grin on your face, perform actions very slowly, and laugh at stupid things.

Personal experience.

It feels awesome x]

It feels like you're floating, as if you're not even in your body anymore. Your heart beats faster, your balance becomes slanted, you get hot. Your eyes may turn bloodshot, your pupils enlarge...overall, it's just a really good feeling. x)


It's like seeing the world in a different perspective.

Like wow, man, like really groovy, you know?

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