How to naturally stay awake?!

Question: How to naturally stay awake?
I need a solution for staying awake on nights with lots of homework on school nights. I am 13 and in 7 grade. I get home usually around 8:30 from dance and don't finish eating until 8:45. I naturally fall asleep around 10: 30 or 11. I can't have energy drinks ( parents don't approve ) and I detest coffee. I don't think a sugar or caffeine rush Is wise either. Help please?


well I would try organic ginseng tincture as this gives energy and clarity and organic ginseng tinctures which help one do better on tests too and helps the brain/memory and clarity. Drink ginseng and ginkgo teas (organic is best use with distilled water for best results) through the day or in lunch bottle.

Many on a diet at least 85% raw and vegan report needing only 3 hours to sleep so maybe a diet change and lots of raw foods (here is a list of raw foods)… scroll down to 85% raw and then add more of these to the diet

Maybe you could try diet mountain dew. I used to use mountain dew to stay awake as I also detested coffee.

When I am falling asleep or at risk of doing so when driving I keep ice water nearby and slash it liberally on my face and arms. I then put my arms/face out the window to get cold and you could do this then get in front of a fan to revive you a bit. Putting the radio/music really loud especially music you don't normally listen to help wake you up a bit. Use earphones to not disturb the family if needed. Have parents come in to check on you every 30-45 minutes and make you wake up or set alarm.

Try to do some of your homework in study halls, lunch, and breaks in things there. do it in the car while getting to the dance class. In college I remember going to a big festival I went to yearly and since overwhelmed with homework, I took the things I had to memorize and did so while walking or took it on long walks or did while driving (not recommended the last one) Use little breaks while at class or at the store or somethign to organize in your mind how to best arrange your homework and get hardest stuff requiring the most concentration done first. Read on the school bus if applicable.

Maybe go to bed a little sooner and wake up early to do that last bit in the morning. Take a spped reading course to save time also.

If you take your ginseng with cayenne it will work several times better.

If you do want to try caffeine use instread caffeine herbs like kola nut or green tea which have other health properties and not not bad like soft drinks here are some of those…

use a slant board once a day to enhance circulation to the head and help with functioning and take brain herbs like rosemary and as I said ginkgo. sells a brain formula. the better and faster your brain works and the better memory you have the quicker you will do with homework as well as help in school in general. Studies show those taking ginkgo did better on tests. Also a group of people with senility tested taking ginkgo had about a 43% improvement but when they added cayenne to it, it had a 97% improvement and cayenne works like that with all herbs as it is a catalyst herb making all herbs work better and get to where it needs to go.

Learn to use mnemonics to help remember things. Do some research on this.

Also people with high iqss tend to group things naturally to help remember more. For instance we had to do a test in psychology where we were given a long list of items to memorize in a short time. Myself and a small group of students noticed patterns in the list of words like there were. for instance several produce items, emotions, colors, animals etc in the list and thus we tended to group these subsets together and memorize the small groups thus we got most of them memorized.

The people who memorized them as they were read off the list and did not group them by category only remembered a small number of the words. try things like these to do better and save time. Some mnemonic techiqures are like one visualizes doing thigns with them. for instance you are trying to remembver a grocery list of milk, apples, peanut butter and oil.

While in a classroom you see yourself doing things like spilling milk over a classmate;s head, putting apples on the teacher's desk, smearing peanut butter on the clock. putting oil on the floor, and lining walnuts along the window ledge then remember what the room looks like. When it comes time to remember you see yourself entering the room and putting an apple on the teacher;s desk, walking to the window to look out and seeing the walnuts, taking a deep breath and slipping the milk on that guy you don't like in class, smearing peanut butter on the clock and pouring oil on the floor seeing people trying to catch you slipping on the oil and falling as you exit the room. this will help you remember your grocery list a long time.

Use this technique when trying to memorize things and use other mnemonic strategies will help you to remember things ..with the ginkgo added and other things I mentioned, you will be all set.

also pray about it and ask for help from God

Trying several of the things I mentioned should help a lot not only to do your homework but do better in school in general. Remember only use organic herbs as these are several times stronger than conventional herbs and no capsule tinctures (best) and teas made with distilled water.


former teacher/classes I took and 30 years study of alternative health, herbs and nutrition.

Don't let yourself get too warm. Get up and walk around every once in a while. Play some intense music on headphones. I hear apples can help keep you awake. Also, staring at a electronic screen (computer, ipod, phone) stimulates your brain and makes it hard to sleep. Exercise, if possible, will keep you awake for a while if you can keep doing it.

It all depends on how long you're looking to stay up, but if you just want to stay up about two hours than you usually do, just drink sodas or juice. At a young age coffee and enrgy drinks aren't good for you anyway, (my parents kept me away from it too). Hope this helped a little.

orange juice always gets me peppy or a piece of apple pie with whip cream. or do a workout late at night to wake up.

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