Help with releif of an ulcer?!

Question: Help with releif of an ulcer?
My husband has been having stomach problems for about a year now. We went to a gastro...doc and most of his pain was in his lower belly so we had to do a Colonoscopy. It came back compleltely healthy. We had to pay $1000 for that so we couldn't afford the one down the throat. He has no insurance and we are out of money for any more tests or doctors visits. We seriously think he has an ulcer. He had tried to quit smoking with no luck, he gets stressed out very easily, I am currently working on getting him the smokeless cigarettes to see if they help any, but again, low on funds. But anyways, we do plan on getting him treated but its gonna be awhile and he is miserable. I have read that you can take slippery elm to releive an ulcer and you can also take something called DGL. Also it says to take probiotics. I plan to try and get all this stuff but I have a few questions. I wanted to know if you can take prevacid while you take these things or should he stop taking the prevacid. He is only going to take it for the 14 days it says to take on the box. Has anyone taken this stuff and signifacantly reduced their pain due to an ulcer, is it ok to take this stuff for a long period of time? How much will it help his ulcer?


Well, you don't know that it's an ulcer. That's the fly in the ointment. The doctors thought the problem was lower down for a reason. Hm...My honest opinion? Have him quit smoking - I know, I know, I'm a former smoker myself, however, I had no idea that I was even having heartburn until it stopped several months after I quit. Yes, I'm serious.

As far as probiotics, I would look for a food in the dairy case called "Kefir" it has several species of bacteria that survive stomach acid. Drink a shot sized glass of that a couple times a day. That's the best probiotic there is, IMO. Most pills get digested by hydrochloric acid no different than a meal.

You can try DGL - just be sure that it is a lozenge, otherwise it is worthless. I would check out puritans pride and, those two seem to have the best prices.

Americans deserve healthcare....breaks my heart.

You can take the probiotic with Prevacid. And you are smart to have him take the Prevacid for only 14 days. The Prevacid shuts down the acid pumps in the stomach, taking it long term can cause food to just sit in the stomach, not getting digested, just fermenting, ugh. Once he is off the Prevacid you should look into getting him onto an amino acid called L-Glutamine and some digestive enzymes. Anabolic laboratories is a vitamin company that carries these. This vitamin line is carried by Chiropractors, MDs, and other health care providers. And then there is the obvious, quit smoking, eat a healthy diet of fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, very few grains. Good luck!

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