Why are MDs so ignorant about Chiropractic?!

Question: Why are MDs so ignorant about Chiropractic?
Just this weekend I encountered yet another MD who is absolutely clueless about chiropractic. Not only was he clueless he was rude, obnoxious and just plain ignorant. I understand the dogmatic nonsense that is spewed forth by the medical establishment, which is merely propaganda in my opinion, but the supposed education an MD gets would suggest that they are at least aware of human physiology to the extent that they could see the logic that is inherent to chiropractic practice and focus. This century old attitude is, well, getting old. Nothing in the modern day arguments has anything remotely new when compared to the stale arguments against chiropractors a century ago. Its all the same, irrational BS that the Medical profession is determined to keep hammering on until they are finally silenced by the masses who see chiropractors every day.

to the yahoo staff of haters...S#ck it!!


it's not hard to figure out. imagine, you're an md. you've spent several years in college, and both med school and society have convinced you that your stuff doesn't stink. you actually believe most of the pseudoscientific manure about the validity of your cult. you have patients who never get well, but you believe what you do is the state of the art in health care, and if medicine can't help them, nothing can. you have one patient in particular who has failed to get better, instead has obviously gotten worse under your care, despite the most "advanced" treatments medicine can throw at them. now comes lowly chiropractor, a sort you disdain, of the untouchable "scientifically unproven" variety, who takes on your hopeless patient and gets them well. what's most annoying is they did it with a simple adjustment, and it only cost them a small fraction of what you charged them for all you did that failed! so, who wants to look like a jackass and a failure in a clinic jacket?

Most doctors lack commonsense, despite their high IQ, Remember that they are experts in drugs, surgery, radiation, , chemo, etc., not really experts in the art of healing. They want to have power over others, and get angry easily if their power is challenged. They don't know that they are being brainwashed and controlled by powerful pharmaceutical companies...

MD's are pseudoscientists.

Once their true status is dis-covered,
they project their low self-esteem wherever and however they can.

It's just that simple,
but you can make the explanation more elaborate if you want.
(or if you are a politician, or a lawyer, or a mainstream medicine man, ...)

They're not.

They are simply cautious of the dubious and bogus claims made by, what are essentially, PT's with egos.

MD's will listen to the evidence. That's what it boils down to. Your evidence is lacking. Claiming "it's all about money," like oldtimekid above, is utter tripe. If it worked, we'd be using it and making lots of money!

Alt.med is alternative for a reason.

And Nosey? You've got claims to substantiate, sweetie. Here you go:

i bet a brain surgeon would be ignorant about optometry

Well, you can certainly remind them of the anti-trust suit that happened in the 1980's where the Chiropractic Association sued the AMA for defamation and unfair practices -- the AMA was secretly lobbying the insurance companies to cut Chiropractors out of the action. The trial judge found that the evidence for Chiropractic was far SUPERIOR to drugs and surgery for muskuloskeletal problems and injuries. It really put the AMA in it's place.
The obnoxious attitude has to do with having to deal with competition. In this day and age, most consumers know that all they'll get from an MD are painkillers that do nothing to heal them and referrals to MD-owned "physiotherapy" clinics that charge buckets of money for nothing.
And the obnoxious trolls on yahoo answers are nothing more than armchair critics who are deluded enough to think that anyone but themselves takes their rants seriously. Let's face it, they don't belong on here and it's easy to report their rants and chat. It's a mutual admiration society of loonytoons.

It could be several reasons. Not wanting to lose business (they don't want to promote their competition or other options), lack of education on the subject (many doctors seem to get little training or education on natural options, perhaps for the same reason as #1), hearing too much about the "worst case examples" (the "Chiropractors" that are untrained and hurt people or keep "treating" for years without benefit... although that might fall under the first two reasons as well), they don't want to put the time and effort into finding cheaper alternatives to what they're doing (again, going back to #1 and flows into #2... plus they have nothing to gain from it), etc.

I'm sure there are more reasons that I can't think of that may be reasons, but those are the first ones that come to mind. I suppose it's the same reason that Macy's and other high-end stores won't tell you anything about the products that you can get at other stores (whether it be WalMart or anywhere else)... but it is a major bias to be sure. Thankfully, there are more and more doctors and insurance providers that are opening up to the benefits of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy (as well as other natural options like herbs and supplements), but it seems to be a very slow process. I hope I helped!

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