How does Tru Noni juice boost the human immune system?!

Question: How does Tru Noni juice boost the human immune system?
I just returned from Hawaii with my family and was introduced to Hawaiian Tru Noni juice by an 85 year old lady who has been drinking Noni for most of her life and has helped to her remain heathy. How does it work in the body?


Noni fruit or the botanical name Morinda citrifolia L. increases the hurmoral immune response in the body that kill microoranisims.

A study from Department of Pharmacology, S.N.D.T. Women's University, Mumbai India confirms the Immunostimulant activity of Noni:

"The results of this study confirm the cellular and humoral immunostimulant properties of M. citrifolia fruits and justify its usage in traditional medicine."

Noni fruit is part of a rare class of foods called an adaptogen that affects immune system. An adaptogen increases the body's ability to adapt to both internal and external stresses with little or no side effects.

The unique polysaccharides found in pure Noni juice boost the white blood cells.

It doesn't. You can't boost the immune system like that.

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