What Price Should I Sell My Weed At?!

Question: What Price Should I Sell My Weed At?
I have some GOOD purp kush. I was selling it for 20$ a gram. I went to sell it to one of my best friends and he said I was overpricing it. He said the best weed goes for 10$ a gram. I called him retarded. He is fairly street wise, so I was wondering if I really was overpricing my green.

By the way I am NOT drug dealer. I am in Michigan, where medical marijuana is legal. I have my license and everything. I am this person's new caregiver, so I am not breaking any state laws.


Just dont sell it by the gram, sell it by dimes, dubs, etc... so this stuff cost X amount, how much do I have to sell to make the profit you want. So say you buy a oz for 200 of purp kush ( Thats deals) you could easily flip that oz for 280, thats 140 halfs but, thats taxin a bit, but people will still come back.
So use a scale and try .7 per dime 1.5 dubs, thats a good profit and if its good purp people will come back. My friend used to sell some fluffy *** purp at 1.3 dubs and people would come back daily.
Also if you want to sell halfs or full 0z, id charge 80 for a 1/4 oz which is 7grams, you could go 70 but thats deals... for a half sell 140, could go up or down, but you will make good profit.

the thing is I dont know how much you pay for a gram at a dispensery so you have to crank numbers and see how much profit you want.

20 a gram is a bit much but 10 for the best weed isn't true either. I would sell for around 15 unless they buy a lot then give the person a discount


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