Help healing sore muscles from cheerleading?!

Question: Help healing sore muscles from cheerleading?
I am a cheerleader and a tumbler and after practice my muscles are extremely sore and it takes a few days to feel completely better. This affects my tumbling and makes it bad when my muscles hurt. Is there any way to heal and quick after the practice? I have practice 3 times a week and I'm in pain a lot of the time..


protein and other natural substances ( you lose them during workout)
massages( to pull the nots out)
stretching ( to release tension)
working out harder (hard to believe but if you keep working out sore muscles{carefully, very carefully mind you} you will get stronger, and used to the "pain". That will eventually make what you normally do not as painful)

You can also try different workouts, and muscles. That helps to.

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