Is it bad that....?!

Question: i thought about killing myself at the age of 13? and don't say i need a theripist cuz i already asked my mom and she said no

Answers: i thought about killing myself at the age of 13? and don't say i need a theripist cuz i already asked my mom and she said no

I don't think it's really that bad, as long as you don't want to kill yourself anymore.

If you're happy, healthy and have someone you can talk to, then you'll be just fine.


depends what it was over...

I guess that thought enters everyone's mind at some point. Especially when you start becoming a teenager and become all angsty and stuff. You'll get over it eventually. :)

It is not exactly what I'd call "good", but I definitely would not call it unnatural. Many people consider suicide, but it is a horrible way to go. Never claim your life, no matter how bad it may seem. There is [almost] always someone in a worse position than you are, and they are still alive.

why would you want to did someone say or do something to you?

get used to it youll have that thought from now on thats about when it starts

I would say yes. ...Only because I've been there. The thoughts may come back..and if they do you should seek professional help.

Its not bad, but its not normal, it does happen to a lot of depressed teens though. Your mother shouldn't say no to that, try talking to a school counselor, they will be able to help you understand where your depression is coming from and how you can cope with it.

DON'T KILL YOUR SELF you must have a hard life but killing you self is not the answers

many of us think lyk dat when sumthing goes horribly wrong or v r so very depressed dat v can't hope to get outta da situation.those r da weak times whn u feel lyk ending up urself..... its very much thn after thngz get along u thnk urself 4 nt doin' sumthing foolish !!

its bad but not unnormal....... i hate to say nothing will help till u grow out of it

all i can say is find something that makes u happy
my thing is art just don't kill yourself

your mom said no that you don't need a therapist or no that you can't see one? because if she says you cant see one that's wrong of her, know one but you can decide that. We can all give our opinion but you make up your mind. If you think you need to talk to someone you could always talk to the councilor at school. that's what they are there for. I have thought about killing myself since I was 14 when my life started getting really bad. It's NOT the right thing to do but the thoughts do come. It is a bad thing but its also natural. I personally think you should talk to your doctor though. Don't be scared you can do it.. =) also check out Its a great place for people with all kinds of problems.

i think we all fell that way at that age.
alone, isolated, insignificant nothing you do
or say is taken with a drop of consideration,
shrugged off. but you must maintain
for you will grow older and you will see your life
will become your own. don't dwell on the
lack of respect now. just remember you've got a whole
life to live. mellow out don't let the man get you down

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