Help! i just cut and its bleeding like crazy and i wont stop!?!

Question: i cut sometimes and i did a while ago and it wont stop bleeding and i got blood all over the place help plz. i dont want my parents to see this! plz!!

Answers: i cut sometimes and i did a while ago and it wont stop bleeding and i got blood all over the place help plz. i dont want my parents to see this! plz!!

Lets hope if you're reading this you're still alive. As for cutting, I know your pain. I use to cut when I was pregnant with my son 23 years ago. I feel cutters try to cut away the pain and hurt they feel. I feel cutters do it to get attention. I feel cutters enjoy pain as a substitute for love. This is how I felt many times when I cutted. No one in my family knew of it. My neice use to cut but I am not sure if she still applies it. You're not alone as being a cutter. All I can say is there's hope for you to stop. I am 46 and I stopped. I look back at times and see how embarrassing it was and I can feel your grief not to let your parents know of it. I am hoping if you plan to cut don't use your body just pick up a paper and cut it or pick up a torn pair of pants and cut it. Just be strong and seek help if you're not doing it right now as we express our concerns. I hope you're okay as others have stated use pressure but how many more can you put up with this pressure points. Not knowing your situation I am hoping it didn't take your life. Life is too precious and you're precious to be in this life....I'll pray for you and God Bless...

put pressure on it immediately!

what is the reason for your cutting? I think it is best if your parent see this, because they might help you with the issues you are dealing with.

hold whatever you cut, above your head if possible, or higher than your heart and apply pressure.

Well you need to hold something against the cut really really tightly, and eventually it should stop bleeding. And about getting blood everywhere, just clean it up with towels or something. And bleach cleans blood. Oh yeah one more thing, stop cutting youself you can end up cutting a vein or too deep and killing yourself. Get help before it's too late please.

bandage it up (wrap it if you have to) and cover the bandage with some sort of clothing

Wrap something clean around it and push hard for at least 10 mins. This should stop the bleeding. If it doesnt, it's too deep and it'll need some stiches otherwise it'll scar really badly.

Apply Pressure and keep pressure on it until help arrives, regardless whether or not your parents get mad, seek help immediately or it may get worse, do not be by yourself, seek help now!!! PLEASE!!!

i would want my kid to call me for help asap.

i usually suck on the cut to close the wound-but that will get it just wipe it of with a kleanex(not a papertowel)then put vaseline after that put a bandade on it.^^

emergency medical care - 911


I hope you are ok.

You need to confide in an adult you can trust.
It would be good if one of them were you parents, but I don't know your situation...

Whatever problems you have can be dealt with... but please don't take it out on yourself, or feel that you are alone. There are many people that can give you help and advice, but you must be brave enough to ask, and to tell.

Cover it, apply preasure and elavate the wound. Perhaps you should take this as a sign to stop cutting and maybe get help to deal with whatever issue is going on.

If it doesn't stop bleeding after you apply all this to it, then you need to go to the ER and get it stitched.

These people with these stupid questions should just be barred. Can u find a bigger stage!!!!! maybe announce it on radio if u dont get enough attention here

okay dont panic, its alright,
get something that you know is old and can throw away (eg old tshirt) and wrap it round the cut putting pressure on it. You need to wash it to make sure you dont infect yourself, and find a bandage/plaster (depending on size). Do this first, sort the place out later.
Get a plastic bag, put allstuff in it and try to get the place cleaned up. use a little bit of salt and fairy washing up liquid (usually does the trick) and remember that you need to work out why you did it in the first place :) You dont want the hastle of doing this, so try to remove it from your life
best wishes

get paper towels and wrap it around what ever you cut and aply presure them take it off and wash off the bood thats still there them use a banddade keep the banddade on for a while then take it off you will see improvment

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