Ahhhh work is so stressful what should I do!?!

Question: Listen to Music. Hey I answered all your questions that i saw you put up please give me best answer for all of them.

Answers: Listen to Music. Hey I answered all your questions that i saw you put up please give me best answer for all of them.

buy a stress ball

QUIT! and join a traveling band of hobo violinist.

That's a bit hard to answer when we don't know what your work is.

half pints work wonders for stress

quit if its that bad.

drink some chai tea! read a good book! call a friend, take a walk, pet your dog (or cat, or other adorable pet), write a letter, take deep breaths, hurl pillows at the wall, pray...


Relax and hang out with friends or do what you think is fun

Slip some vodka in you latte.... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

take a week off

Cut back or try and eliminate the stressors. If it's workload, then ask for help or do the projects most important first. If it's co-worker stress, then you need to speak to your supervisor.

You should relax, and chill with friends! Go to dinner with family! Eat chocolate and Ice cream! lol. Spend quality time with friedns. Don't be stressed!

breath deeply and say woooooooooo saaaaaaaaa and again.... woooooooooooo saaaaaaaaa does that help?

Relax and do your best. But I should talk... I take meds, otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to cope.

one weekend treat yourself by going to a spa or just get your nails done and get a message somewhere local

If it's just today...be patient, it will be over soon!

If it's stressful all the time and driving you crazy, don't be afraid to quit and try something new...it would be more healthy for you to be in a more relaxed environment...

Hot tea. Various flavors. Trust me on this.
Then, tackle things one at a time. When you are on your priority problem, the others don't exist. (technique useless if you have kids. )
Hope this helps.

Girl, I know what you mean. There are days I HATE my job. Hate with a capital "H". But I always look at the clock and go...."I get to go home in a few hours. I Get to go home in a few hours. I'm going to watch a movie. I'm going to spend time with my husband and kitten."
The only thing you can really do is to get yourself excited about leaving for the day, and to look forward to the things you have to do after work. I know, honey, work sucks....sadly, it's a part of a hard-earned life! Doesn't that just suck? =(

I agree with Mike, you could always suck it up and accept the fact that *you* and only *you* applied there

take a break and relax and ease ur mind and clear it

Join a palades class.
Palades helps to learn to better focus the energies that effect us.

Enjoy the time away from work and let work be work.

When you leave work, leave work at work. When you walk out the door to go home, leave work at the door. When you go back to work do not pick up what you left the day before.

In some aspect, make it like you live two lives, one at work and one at home. As a friend taught me, play the game that work wants you to play. Do as you are told and move on.

I hope that you will have a better day the next day of work. I feel you stress, as I have stress in work too!

go to work with a bottle of JD and get trashed. who knows what will happen next?

This is multiple choice.... right?

a) Retire

b) Quit

c) Find another job in the company

d) Take some stress management classes

e) Talk to a Therapist

f) Go to the spa

g) Take a vacation

h) Talk to your boss about solutions to what is causing you stress

I) Change your mind and be thankful you have a job

J) Make a list of the things you dislike about your job and then burn it

k) Go to your doctor and get a check-up

l) Try eating healthy, sleeping right, exercising regularly and talking with your friends

m) Pray for a Miracle

n) Bang your head against the wall because it feels sooo good when you stop

o) Live in denial

p) Work on your time management and schedule some fun in your day-timer

r) Get another job

s) Get some more education

t) Start your own company

u) Join the Military

v) Learn to live your dream

Okay, that's all I got for now. Hang in there!

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