Do you think binge eating disorder is real?!

Question: How do you know where the line is between not practicing selfcontrol and a problem you need help with? When do you seek outside help?

Answers: How do you know where the line is between not practicing selfcontrol and a problem you need help with? When do you seek outside help?

Yes. And I think the difference between not practicing self-control and a problem you need help with is that if you want to change it and have made attempts (even if short-lived) that have not helped AND you feel as though this problem is running or affecting your life then it is likely a problem you need help with.

* I would advise any friend or family member to look for help if they even hinted at the possibility they might need it. Too many people shy away from getting help because they are afraid they don't have a problem and will be judged for thinking they do. Any therapist worth seeing would know that if someone is there, in front of them, they DO need help.

Best wishes for finding what you need.q

maybe when the binging effects other parts of your life like socially or something or if you start to feel ill or throw up.

Yes, I believe that it's real. I believe that I suffer from it, although I've never had the courage to tell my psychiatrist this.

Seek help when it takes over your life.

You seek help when you have doubts about what you are doing. I do believe it's an eating disorder...

I've actually met a girl in an eating disorder treatment facility i was working at (I was a counselor), and she was diagnosed with a binge eating disorder.
She told me she used to just eat everything and couldn't control it, she just kept on going. The moment you know you have binge eating disorder, you should immediately seek help, because it can really get out of control. Find a doctor (nutritionist) to help diagnose you though.
Binge eating disorder is like bulimia without the throwing up part. It's a serious illness that needs to be treated right away.
I hope this helped!

Absolutely, it is real and has to do mostly with self image and societies mythical view of what is normal or beautiful. It is both a medical & mental health issue. I'd recommend talking it over with your PCP and on their recommendation a mental health professional.

I don't believe in it.

Binge eating can KILL if not brought under control, yes it is real - it is a problem with self control It is not only a problem with women it is now a problem with men as well it can and has been know to cause death if it gets out of control

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