What are 5 questions you would ask someone struggling with a drinking problem?!

Question: 1. Do you want to stop drinking?
2. Do you think your life has become unmanageable?
3. Are you willing to go to any lengths to stay sober?
4. Would you like a better life?
5. Can I take you to AA?

Answers: 1. Do you want to stop drinking?
2. Do you think your life has become unmanageable?
3. Are you willing to go to any lengths to stay sober?
4. Would you like a better life?
5. Can I take you to AA?


1) Drinking is good sometimes, but you *really* can't think of any better way to spend your time?

2) The old cigarette pack argument: think of all the money you spend on liquor a year-- $5 day is $1800 a year. Wouldn't you rather spend that on your retirement, lease an awesome new car, help put your kid through school, or even go on vacation?

3) A man is known by the company he keeps. If your friends are not noticing your habit or helping to prolong it, are they really the best friends for you?

4) What poor person is going to have to give up their liver or kidneys to help you continue the life you already had a shot at, but decided to squander? When you're violently throwing up blood every day from your cirrhosis, how proud will you be in front of your children and family?

5) It's so easy to get help. Why aren't you seeking any?

It doesn't do any good to reason with an alcoholic. You can ask them where they want to be in a year, 5 years. Ask them how they think they might get there. Ask them where they will be if they continue on their current path. And ask them if they want the number to the nearest AA group or counselor. Good luck.

Would you like me to hold your glass?
Would you do better with a trainer cup?
Shall I take the lid off that bottle for you?
Did you know that's not a beer, it's cat food?
Isn't it your round?

1) what is your most heartfelt prayer?
2) in what situation do you feel you have hurt someone the most?
3) what is your ideal day like?
4) what situation is most tempting for you to relapse?
5) can you describe your feelings right before you decide to drink again?

1) when is he going out drinking next as you would like to go
2) where is the cheapest place to buy booze
3) are there any bars that give free chicken wings with drinks
4) when is the next party
5) is he interested in joining a wine tasting group

1. do you think you have a problem?
2. is your drinking making your life unmanagable?
3. do you think that drinking is something you need to survive?
4. are you unhappy with your present situation and feel like drinking is affecting your life?
5. are you ready to quit?

alcoholics can only quit when they want to. sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. if you are having problems dealing with a loved ones drinking please check out al anon. it is an amazing program for friends and family members of alcoholics. it will show you that you only have control over yourself and not the alcoholic. try it, it really does work.
here's the website:


1) Do you drink by yourself?
2) Do you hide drinks around the house?
3) Would you like a kebab?
4) Would you score my fat friend?
5) Would you like to steal this traffic cone?

If all the answers to this question is yes then he has a problem.

You're tough enough to fix your problems alone, right?
You really don't need a second bottle, right?
You know you can count on me to help you out of your problem, right?
Do you really need to drink? Because I have a better way to spend the time.
Do you want to watch a movie instead?

You Can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. You Can send a man to a University, but cannot make him learn.

fancy a pint?
seriously though maybe ask him if he wants to join a gym or take up a hobby

1. What are you trying to escape?
2. Are you happy living this way?
3. Do you feel like you are missing out on important parts of your life?
4. What parts of your life do you think would be better/worse if you quit drinking?
5. Do you want help?

do you drink alone. do you drink everyday. do you drink becasue you like the buzz or are depressed and when do you start. im an alcoholic so i know.

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