My babie's daddy makes me feel like sucide?!

Question: he makes me feel stupid and he alway's yells at me and im only 20 years old and he's 37 i wish i could kill my self i had a sister commit sucide after she had a baby and her baby was only two months and my baby is three months i don't know what to do plz help!

Answers: he makes me feel stupid and he alway's yells at me and im only 20 years old and he's 37 i wish i could kill my self i had a sister commit sucide after she had a baby and her baby was only two months and my baby is three months i don't know what to do plz help!

what you need to do is dump HIM, don't do anything to yourself, you don't want to leave your baby with that idiot!

You should go to couples parenting classes/therapy
sorry to hear about yuor sister


Hun i know this is a tough time .. maybe your suffering from postpartum ... Don't kill your self ... your baby needs you .. do the right thing and seek help ... and honestly dump the guy ... your baby is more important now !


Please do not do that...
Just stand up for yourself and tell him that he is a jerk and he needs to stop.
Good luck with your baby and life...

First, you should see a doctor for post pardom depression since it clearly runs in your family. Second, if he really is a jerk and was before you had the baby, you should RUN LIKE HELL. But if he was nice and suddenly you are reading way too much into the things he says and taking everything too personally, it could be just the hormones. Having a baby makes your brain play tricks on you.

Don't hurt yourself, it would be fair to you or your baby. Good luck.

Get to a woman's shelter, your mom or relatives, friends house. If nowhere else go to the police dept. GET the HECK away from him. If he is talking to you like this, it is abuse. Don't hurt yourself I tried that once it is not the way to go, your baby needs you. You need help even if none of the above choices are available try the hospital. They can help you get away.

Don't do anything to yourself! You can't just back down when life gets hard just fight harder. And always think about your child he/she cant live without you. When life's going down remember that means it has to go up eventually. And if your boyfriend is being a bad dad and a bad boyfriend get rid of him cause there is somebody out there for you.
By the way I'm sorry to hear about your sister.

First of all he sounds like an immature 37. Why kill yourself over his dumb a** . You seem like you are more mature then him . You aren't stupid and also what about that beautiful baby? Does it deserve to be left alone with that idiot?? Comon get a grip this is your life and don't let him make you feel like this. If you have to just get the baby & Go. You aren't stupid HE IS !!! He thinks you are a baby . You are a grown woman and need to be away from the negative attitude of someone like this !! Good Luck -- Take Care.

i wish i could beat his *** for you.
how ignorant of him.
that pisses me off.
guys act like they care in the beginning and then they get like that.
but most own up to being a man when their girl gets pregnate. they dont make her feel that way.
**** him. girl i know its hard to leave someone =[
your probably really in love with him.
i was with my boyfirend. but he treated me like ****.
i said **** you a couple times and "its over"
but then i wanted him back.
ugh its hard. i realized i just cant do it right now.
so he wanted so see me after we broke up but made it like casual strickly non caring like for me to get my **** he had and he wanted his ****. well idk he wanted me to say sorry before i got in the car. HAHAHAHA. SORRY. HAHAHHAHA. hell noo. i didnt and he let me in anyway. and i ******* had it w. him i decided earlier that day i was not gonna take the bitching and **** that he ******* gave me but i loved him. so i was mean to him. mean as ****. and i told him i had it with his bullshit. he got silent and said sorry. after like an hour of me lecturing. still though. they wont respect you if your not tuff. dont suck up to him. dont let him push you around. if hes being gay get dramatic. be like f u c k you and leave wherever you are with him. give him lots of attitude you have to make him feel like he is below you and you know it. trust me. he will learn he is nothing compared to u. and he will respect you and treat you better.

Please get that thought out of your head....I was 17 when I had my first baby and his father was 27 and he Fu**ed my head up so much that I slit my wrists and ended up in 5B (phyciatric ward) for 3 months trying to get over my breakdown, believe me lovey it wasnt easy and I spent a long time having to deal with the guilt of nearly leaving my son with out a mother....Please please go to your doctor explain to him/her how you are feeling and then go to your partner and talk to him and tel him that his shouting and roaring isnt helping are without adoubt suffering from postnatal depression, and with out the proper help and support it could or will lead to a full nervous breakdown.

Look at your beautiful little baby and say to yourself that if you do something stupid then your baby is going to grow up her whole life thinking that it was her/his fault, and I know that you dont want that, Do you?

And as for your partner, He should know better, some men really dont have a clue what its like for a woman after having a baby, They seem to think we are wonder woman.....But honestly I wouldnt tell you to leave him unless he was serioiusly abusing you. If you talk to him and tell him how you are feeling and if he doesnt stop shouting at you after that then I would leave him...

But Please Please Please dont take your life and leave your beautiful baby with out a mother, NO man is worth it,

im sorry to hear that. go to marrige counsling. but before that i think you should go to a therapist or psychologist they can talk you out of that and make you feel better and they can help you solve some stuff i dont assure u everything though. think about your child if not u then him what will the child do if u die wouldnt u feel guilty leaving ur child like that and besides imagine him-her being in school or anywhere else where all of their friends have mom and he she doesnt. think about all of that, good luck, hope i helped if u need any other help contact me at x36114@yahoo

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