How can i get over depression?!

Question: i really feel depressed right now, little things make me want to cry and i'm starting to do nothing but just sit in my room. what are some things i can do to feel better?

Answers: i really feel depressed right now, little things make me want to cry and i'm starting to do nothing but just sit in my room. what are some things i can do to feel better?

I get like this when I'm PMS-ing. The littlest thing will get me down and I start calling myself names and verbally beating myself up. And nothing feels good. I ask myself, "Am I hungry? Am I craving something? TV? Surf the internet? Chat with friends?" But none of it sounds good, even though I love doing that stuff.
What's good is that you recognize your depression and want to do something about it. What people don't often realize is all the things you say to yourself have an effect on your brain and shape it. So if you think depressing things, you'll feel depressed. Tell yourself that you're going to be alright and that feeling blue is just temporary. If something small makes you feel bad, remind yourself that it's a small thing. Like if you stub your toe and you feel like you're a klutz, just tell yourself, "I stubbed my toe. No big deal, it happens to everybody. I'll probably go years before I stub my toe again." Check out the link below. It's really good, and I find I do some of those things when I'm feeling blue.
By the way, I'm assuming that you're just feeling depressed just right now. If this has been going on for awhile, say, more than a month, you should go to a counselor or psychiatrist.

me too, try focusing on something positive right now, it will help. tell a friend or family you are blue, ask for help :)

Set a goal. Anything. It can be totally insignificant, or something to improve all mankind. But for now, stick to something simple. Tell yourself that you are going to read a book. Don't stress over which book. Just pick one out and read it from cover to cover. Do it in your spare time while you are sitting in your room. Being in your room is fine. Its a safe place to you, just make better use of your time there. Once you have finished the book, look back on how you felt before you made the commitment to read it and compare that feeling to how you feel having met a goal.

Now pick another goal. Tell yourself that you are going to say "Hi" to every person you see, with a smile. Or, come up with a cheerful greeting and use that greeting with each new face you see in one day. Don't let anyone pass by you that you don't greet. When you get back to your room, reflect on their faces. Some will be anoyed, but most will reciprocate with a smile. All alone, you will find yourself smiling back at the faces as you reflect. Do this with a mirror near by so you can catch a glance at your own smile.

These are exersices to make you goal oriented. When you see that you are capable of accomplishing little goals, you can set bigger ones and eventually realize that you accomplished the biggest goal of all: defeating depression!

Go out and have some icecream, invite a friend, go to the park and take a walk.

i think it's the

"i want to do this, but it wont work, as i did it many times, and it didn't work"

also lose of hope,

thinking of weakness and opportunities around that comes in circles, there's opportunity but we don't know why we ignore them, there're the weakness and we feel laughed by them,

"past is just too hurtful that i don't know why i couldn't accept it at this moment"

"i've been doing soo good, but why am i doing worst right now when i always thought i'm improving",

"i've tried so hard, but things didn't work",

"wants to work smart and efficiently but what's happening right now is too devastating that any action doesn't seems to interest me........."

overall, i guess it's impatience, hasty, not in acceptance, anxiety, anger, ungratefulness, and "i don't know what now".

-hope this makes sense

Maybe you should sign-up for a class that interests you so that it forces you to get out. If you think it is serious, you should visit a doctor. Also, if you know what's depressing you, use that to help you decide what you should do. For example, if a guy is depressing you, maybe you should get out and date to take your mind off of him or have a girls night out...those are always fun.

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