How's the best way to get back to normal after loosing a loved one?!

Question: I mean the feeling of depression, loneliness,and not having enough energy to get things done.

Answers: I mean the feeling of depression, loneliness,and not having enough energy to get things done.

You have to grieve. If you don't it will stick with you longer than you like. Those feeling only leave if you want them to go away.
It is very hard but it won't go away on its own. Think of what the person who passed away would want for you.

Know they are in a better place and try and move on. Surround yourself with people you love and people who love you. Don't push people away.

Finally I think talking about it helps a lot. So find someone who feels the same and talk, get the feeling out there.

People need support after a loss


plus just keep talking and journaling. always the good times. plus the hard times. others are going through the grief process too. remember that you are not alone

It takes time, and that depends on the person. Usually a year and sometimes more. Hospice would help a lot. There are different stages of grieving and they could help you through it.

The best way is to see a councillor. I was sceptical at first, but they really do help.
Hope you feel better soon.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Feeling this way is quite normal and everyone needs time to mourn. Just try your best and realize your loved one still loves you and wants you to go on with your life and time will help heal you. Slowly try to get back to your routines and soon you will. Surround yourself with others who understand and just be a little kinder to yourself.

you may not get back to "normal"...after my dad died my mom was never the son-in-law committed suicide 4 yrs ago and my family will never be the same.....with suicide there are no answers

In your case you didn't mention why you lost someone but it has to be one of the three "D's" Death, Divorce, Deserted.
But in the long run you will get over it.

Find a hobby,keep your self busy,make new friends,try to climb out of your depression and keep your mind busy on other thing's,but,never forget !

well i have lost a love one but i just remember the good time i had with them i knew she would always be watching me from up above...................

what you are feeling is very normal you are grieving cry alot and don't hold back also have you being offered any bereavement counselling? its a great support and they know how your felling live day today don't think about tomorrow and see how you are getting on you will then notice theres times when you wont think of that loved one it will take a song or a smell an you would think of that person and the pain will eventually go away this is also normal so don't feel bad
take care

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