How many of you all are depressed and have thought of suiside at least once???!

Question: how were you going to kill yourselves??? (if you dont mind me asking)

Answers: how were you going to kill yourselves??? (if you dont mind me asking)

me!!!! i have thought about dying for years, but decided that i was too much of a coward and it wasnt worth it to hurt the people that i love. how? i pretty much thought of any way possible: pills, slitting my wrists, shooting, ...pretty much name it and ive thought of it. but i realized that they were all pretty painful or messy, so i decided against it.

i'm not anymore....and I wasn't going to go through with it...

no myself,but if you do,get help immediately.there are no good reasons to kill yourself.

*I have to take Meds. to stop me from thinking about it. I am a manic depressen. If I had to do it then I think I would hang myself.

I've been depressed and MAYBE the thought of suicide popped in my head but I will always deny it. I am not suicidal. My friend, however; whenever a boy gets her upset or something she crys non-stop and tells me she's going to kill herself. Never happened & I don't think she will.

i have tried to kill myself 3 times....all with intention of not actually going through with it....i get very mad an do stupid things....and i have depression

I have struggled with depression since I was a teenager. I have taken Prozac for about 15 years, & it has made a huge difference in my life.. I can get out of bed & face the day without being overwhelmed before my feet touch the floor. Everything isn't roses, but life is SOOO worth living!!!

I'm not depressed, but I would kill myself if my grammar and spelling was as bad as most of you here! I would swallow twenty Quaalude 714's and drink Chimay until I passed out. By the way, that's "suicide".

If you or anyone else on here is having suicidal ideations, call your doc. That's when depression needs to be taken very, very seriously.

Me, I'm not depressed now, but as anyone I know with manic depression, I have a very specific, well thought out plan that is easy and effective. I also have put road blocks in place because I have no intention of allowing myself to carry it out while semi-psychotic. Besides, it's when things start to get better and I know it's going to happen all over again and again that I'm more worried about.

I had thought of suicide. However, in the last two weeks I know two people who have commited suicide, and one attempt. Seven months ago my aunt attempted twice.
After seeing the impact on their families, friends, colleagues and people in their communities, its terrible what they have had to go through. The funerals were the biggest the local church has ever seen.
I saw a short interview on TV, an hour or so ago, with the mother of a son who was greatly angry with her son because of this. She seemed to just think it was a sperr of the moment thing.
The peoples lives, who knew these people, will never be the same. There are ways and people who help people who are depressed. Isn't it better to try one of these ways before throwing in the towel. Once you've done something like suicide, that is the end.

I am depressed right now..I have never thought about comitting suicide because i am too coward i don't have the guts to do it besides it is stupid there is always hope one way or the other...we can always talk to some one

I used to be like that. I thought about shooting myself in the head, taking too many pills, slitting my wrists, and running my car into a tree.

Yes I thought about it. I never did it. I am soooo glad I never went through with it..My life is way better now. I was put on meds. I tried about 3 different kinds. The one I am on now works great.

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