How can I build my self esteem?!

Question: im bein put down a lot
and i always have a hard time
making new friends
i feel sometimes that everyone is better than me
wut can i do to build my self esteem

Answers: im bein put down a lot
and i always have a hard time
making new friends
i feel sometimes that everyone is better than me
wut can i do to build my self esteem

Ive been there before...its called Junior High. I use music and my sense of humor to cope with life's trials. Except, dont do what I did, ie insult people and smoke pot to make myself feel better.

Start jogging, excerise, and try to find humor in everything. If you can make yourself laugh, youll make others laugh, and theres nothing people appreciate more than a good laugh.

join the gym...its a big boost

take some extascy then you'll love not only everyone but yourself

laugh at everyone, learn martial arts, put down the other people or smile at them if thats not ur style

i have the same problem(but more) and i just live with it and you should not lissen to anybody(besides your parent and wife/husband).

What do you love to do? What is it that makes you feel you are truly you? What are you good at? When you find the answer to all three, and focus your attention there your self-esteem will likely improve.

You'll be doing something you're good at that you love and you'll be around like-minded people that appreciate you.

Explore your talents and try some things out - writing, music, art, theater, sports, etc. See what fits for you.

learn martial arts, learn to play guitar (online for free), do online chatting with people you dont know, ask them about stuff..... self esteem does not build up by itself .. you have to have knowledge gotta know stuff ..

the more you know (i didn't mean be a nerd), the more you will be able to talk to people at school or anywhere.. the more you will be confident... :)

and please when you are doing something important where you have to use your brain a lot .. please please dont be tensed .. take it easy follow rules .. go slow ..

seriously... learning slow but right worths more that learning fast but wrong.

Many have the esteem of others for good looks, for wealth, for parentage, for worldly goods, for better clothing, for more lunch money &c.

There was no internet during most of my life.

This is a great advantage, even fantastically so, for now one can more easily seek and find true wisdom.

And others may share it, according to their gifts and experience.

You must solve this yourself. I can only describe my own meanderings in a far more deprived situation.

Have you thought of those who have no hot water, no books (let alone internet), perhaps parents without education, not even primary or high school, inadequate food and clothing....

Some must walk far even for a bucket of water.

But in the midst of all this, there is courage and a thirst for betterment.

This starts easily: Step by step one goes a long way (Chinese proverb). Learning is like paddling a canoe upstream, he who does not advance, recedes.

When you do leave home you must do ALL the peddling of the bike.

So, while young, have some goal. There will be later goals, too. But that FIRST one is very important. Already, when you have only a few goals accomplished, you will know the meaning and satisfactions of personal achievement, your own achievement.

Then, what you think of yourself will be more important than what others think.

On earth people will often deride and discourage. That continues somewhat through an entire lifetime. It can be brutal amongst kids.

Conquering circumstances in this manner yields self-esteem. A self-esteem which is acquainted with one's true powers and abilities. So, a self-esteem which can yet remain humble, even understand better some of the greater achievements of others.

You will know what all people of great accomplishment have endured.

You will be a Rock in a Sea of Instability.

And you will even begin to acquire Wisdom.

One important goal is to find God. That is a personal accomplishment. It is something you must do yourself, though others may have some guidance.

God is All-powerful and Omniscient. God can assist you in every worthy endeavor, even in the face of tragedy, disappointments, failures, natural disasters.

God can help you to overcome all adversity.

We are all making a beginning here, starting in TOTAL ignorance.

But we are destined to evolve to PERFECTION, and one day to stand face to face with God the Father, at the center of all.

There are various ministers ready to help you in this journey through life: angels, ministering spirits, other higher beings.

But many others have made the same journey, people like you, and there is a lot of help right here on earth.

Some youngsters are befuddled about their particular talents: am I a musician, a prospective colonel, a city councilman, whatever.

You will not find out until you put your shoulder to the wheel and start doing things.

Do not worry so much. Just pick something and find a teacher.

If a teacher for what you pick is not there, pick a teacher out of the ones who ARE there.

That is the fastest way, better than learning all about something from scratch (a humongous task).

Even a very few good teachers out of many are sufficient.

To get you started.

Cannot answer better w/o knowing more details about your age and circumstances, preferences.

Go with your gut feeling or dreams. Start small and finish things. Let CAREFUL come before fast. Attention to detail.

The Present Moment ( NOW ) is when all future accomplishment is born.

Now, I do not think this is my plan. Apparently it is God's plan for us. I am only one of countless others who has found it.

It works. Stop worrying. Worry never accomplished anything.

Finally, be considerate and friendly and helpful as you execute this plan.

And be satisfied with the best that you can do. Aim for perfection, but remember, the artist's first works were not always perfect.

But if you keep working with these things in mind. Then, one day..........

Behold! Perfection! And YOU did it.

If you walk this path, the worthy amongst others will honor and respect you.

What the unworthy think is of no importance.

The most important is what God thinks of you.

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