Does anyone know someone who takes Concerta or has ADHD?!

Question: What are the side effects and how do people with ADHD act with or without medication?

Answers: What are the side effects and how do people with ADHD act with or without medication?

Regarding what medication can do and how it works with paying attention challenges, consider reading: the Nerves In Collision book by Walter C. Alvarez, M.D., the How To Cure Hyperactivity book (1981) about ADHD by C. Thomas Wild with Anita Uhl Brothers, M.D., and the A Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked book by Jack Dreyfus. The right med for ADHD (often a central nervous system stimulant - alerting agent) actually works for a few of those with ADHD, not everyone with ADHD. The difference between using a med for ADHD and not using a med for ADHD, for some, is literally the difference between day and night. In some cases, the right choice is to be med-free. Good luck.

im not on concentra but im on staterra this one works for me. its a legal form of speed. but you have your high but in the afternoon you have you low. without meds i have no concentration or very little. keep on the meds not good to start then stop them

My daughter was about 8 when the schools were insisting I haver her diagnosed with ADHD. I took her to a psychologist and it turns out she was ADHD, but her "problem" was more that she was gifted. I chose not to do medications but, instead, behavior modification. She is now in 8th grade and has been "better" since about 6th. She makes great grades and has many activities. She has friends who have been on medications for years and they are not where she is either academically or socially. Try not to do the meds, modify the diet and modify the behavior. It is a lot of effort, but really worth it!

I have a nephew on it. It helped with his ADHD and also with some depression symptoms he was having.

The side effects he has experienced include a decreased appetite (not marked - down by about 1/8) and a need for a bit more sleep (again, not marked - up by about 1/6).

He's been on it for about 10 years and has not required upping his dosage after the original ramp up. He's doing better in school, is more focused, calm but not that drugged thing you can get from some ADHD meds.

Prior to Concerta, he was like Helen Keller before Ann Sullivan. I'm serious. He threw horrible tantrums that went on for hours, threw stuff, got into fights at school, got straight F's, etc.

Now, A's and B's, lots of friends, able to focus and concentrate, etc.

idk the side effect. with out meds you are hyper, harder to conentrate easily distracted.. you symtoms come back. with you symptoms lessin

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