Do you find it hard to remember where you put things?!

Question: I sure do, and it get's really annoying.

Answers: I sure do, and it get's really annoying.

I use to, but now I have a Memory Box
When I come home I put all of my keys
change, wallet, everything in my Box.
I write notes to my self, and put them
in the box, or I stick them on the mirror
It helps out a lot. I put my outgoing mail
in the box, whatever I need to remember
will be in My Memory Box or sticky notes.

I know the feeling I put my keys in the same place everyday and everyday I spend 20 minutes trying to find them!

You're probably getting old and ****. It happens to alot of people. You should try living in an old persons home, that way you dont have to remember where you put stuff and you can take dumps anywhere you want!

no all that you have to do is to put things in the same place every time keys always on the corner off the table etc and as you do this you don't have to remember where you put them you will always go to the same spot try it

sometimes. you probably do that 'cause your busy a lot, or you just have too many things on your mind; distracted. when I'm really busy, i forget paperwork and stuff like that. if i'm taking is easy, i usually don't forget stuff.

See "getting organised" advice, in section 26, at

ofcourse. i search each and everything of my daily use. some things even if it is in my hand too.

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