Do you hate spending the night away from home or-?!

Question: is it just me?

Answers: is it just me?

some people are very dependant on their home. its not just you. I for one, love to stay away from home and can never get wait to get out of the house. Some people are just the opposite. theres nothing wrong with you.

You mean like if you are away on vacation?
No, I don't mind sleeping overnite elsewhere, but there's nothing more comforting than sleeping in your own bed.

Depends on who I'm with......

I don't mind spending the night away from home as long as I am not in a hospital bed. I love hotel beds and sometimes that is the best sleep that I get.

Yes I do because I feel more at ease in my own bed. I am used to being alone but sometimes it's impossible when I travel long distance and have to spend some nights. I think it is quite normal to want your own bed , pillow and be more comfortable at home. It's what you are used to. They are familiar things at home. Easier to find the bathroom too!

If im at a friend's house ...sometimes.
Like only at nighttime though when Im about to go
to bed because I dont like other peoples beds
...i want my own! lol.
&& I only like to stay at the max. 2 days because my
friends wear me out!

I do, I always have.
maybe its cause I have attachment issues with my family but theres only one person house that I can stay the night at and not feel too bad at.
I hate being away from home and all of a sudden I will feel really guilty or something or that something will happen that is bad.
i think its kind of normal thought cause why do something you dont want to do or really have to do?

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