I want to go to sleep?!

Question: Should I go?

Answers: Should I go?

yes, if your thinking of a way how, just have a ****


errr if your tired

nah i should go to bed but im gonna stay up now 4 the day and finish the beers off

yes you should or you will feel it later on in the day.

only at the night time

Sure. If you're tired.

No, you should answer my question first, then go to sleep :P


Yes, then go to sleep.

whats their to stay up for?

lol if you're tired then yes :) good night

Nighty nite.

why stay on here when you can improve your health and make the connections in your brain needed to remember things from the day before? sleep helps you lose weight too by giving you more time to properly digest. you should most definitely go to sleep.

Yeh, goodnight.

Yep off you go

Why not........It's sunday!

I think this would be for the best.

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