Ready To Die..?!

Question: okay, well i've made up a new account because my mum looks at this and i don't want her to find it. And well i don't want to be here anymore. I hate this life. people are so nasty. People hate me and i ddon't even hang around/talk to them anymore. I try and make some more friends but they don't want to know me. I havent ever done anything to them, i'm always nice to people. I haven't been happy for years. and seeing a doctor isn't as easy as that. i fell so alone and i self harm, but i've done it today and it's really bad this time, the bleesding won't stop.
I'm ready to go now, and i don't know what to do with myself. people judge so i cant tell anybody because i might loose the people i have now, and the people that do know, just try to move along and think im better know, but the truth is i'm just better at hiding it.
I'm on ends now.

and i want out.

Answers: okay, well i've made up a new account because my mum looks at this and i don't want her to find it. And well i don't want to be here anymore. I hate this life. people are so nasty. People hate me and i ddon't even hang around/talk to them anymore. I try and make some more friends but they don't want to know me. I havent ever done anything to them, i'm always nice to people. I haven't been happy for years. and seeing a doctor isn't as easy as that. i fell so alone and i self harm, but i've done it today and it's really bad this time, the bleesding won't stop.
I'm ready to go now, and i don't know what to do with myself. people judge so i cant tell anybody because i might loose the people i have now, and the people that do know, just try to move along and think im better know, but the truth is i'm just better at hiding it.
I'm on ends now.

and i want out.

Your 15, I'm 15 also. It seems like we have something in common. Yeah, sometime life sucks, especially when no one wants to talk to us. We'll feel like we're alone and no one's on our side. It's like the whole world's against us. I'm only 15 so I'm not that good at elaborating...

But do you know what I do when I'm down? I let it out. If my mom can't even listen to me when I'm letting it out and still scold me, It's ok, I won't hurt myself. That's a stupid thing to do cos we're the one in a billion who get a chance to be human. Do you know that we're the fastest swimming sperm cell in a billion? We have struggle so hard to be human and now we wanna waste it?

So I go to a open place like a riverside or a field where there is no other people, I scream all the unhappy things out! Feel free to do that and don't care what other's think! Scream anything out you like, like "F*** you John! I hate you! You always act like you're so though! I got beaten up by you is not bcos I'm weak, I'm just afraid if I fight back, your face'll be so ugly that your mom won't even recognise you!!"

Trust me! You'll feel much better after you let it all out. Don't hide it, it only makes it worst.

And about others don't wanna know you, relax, They're just blind and didn't see what a great person you are. It's their lost of not being friends with you. Find someone else that truly appreciates you. "Don't let someone become a priority in your life if you're just an option in their life"

Remember, life's not as bad as you think. Just like business, life has its highs and lows. you're only in life's low period for now, be strong and live through it. Who knows, maybe bad life ends tonight!

I'm advising you as a friend cos we're the same age. I feel like I found a friend who understands me and I hope not to lost this friend.


you probably need help from someone.
you sound like your havingg a rough time.

I love you

dont do it you'll miss ant n dec on later

Please read this...


If your posting this obviously deep down somewhere you want help. So talk to someone you trust about getting it. I know no 15 year old wants to hear that things will change.. but dead honest truth is they will.

If this is true...and you are bleeding..go to your mother or someone right now..
please..I've been there..I have..I've cut and done other stupid things to really does get joke..
you need to get that bleeding stopped..hurry..

You are not ready, or you would not have written all this stuff.

Speak to your mother. Please. I have been there, I have taken an overdose, I have had my stomach pumped and seen the pain on the face of someone I love.

You may think no-one cares, but give your Mum a chance, because you need to give her the opportunity to try and help you.

Doctors can be s*it, but contact the Samaritans or anyone. Just talking to a person not connected with you can help.

You are not alone. Please speak to someone.

I felt the same in primary school every1 bullied me and they didn't no y!

u need 2 talk 2 a teacher or find a number in the yellowpages of a company that can help u!

no do not kill yourself think about it there is a lot of people who care baout u who uu might not think cares like your parens or someone might have a secret crush on you i cryed heraing this story and have alos thought about killing myself many times but relized my life is worth living sooner than it seems life will turn around whats your name by the way i want to remeber you just please i am begging u life is something that is worth living have u evr had a good time before evr felt happy buying somehting new at christmas time or going on a vacation seriousley do not kill yourself its not worth the pain evryone will suffer from your death if i dont hear back from you i will cry and now your gone please make the right descion mail ma
please dont kill yourself

life gets better with 15 your hormones are messing with might want to talk to the family doc(he has some meds) or a minister/priest/rabbi, iman.......
try exercise.....sports...studying............. don't, don't don't forget God...........praying can't hurt.
hang in there

listen here mate. i was sexually abused as a child i had the worst teen years ever losing my virginity when i was 14, i didn't have many friends and now at the age of 23 i've been diagnosed with crohn's disease and i still love life i don't blame anyone for any bad things that's happened to me i really think you need to sit down and think about what you have got rather than what you haven't .
get over it.

Hey everyone goes through hardships, and everyone feels hated more then once in there life. I am sixteen, a year older then you. But you aren't ready to die. You know what helps me? Being thankful, everyday before i go to sleep i think of three things in my life that I couldn't live without, it could be smallest of simplicity such as water or food, or it could be to live in a house, have a family....etc. It wasn't always like this, in fact I used to complain all the time, until one day i came across and article on starving children, i researched more and more, and realized how lucky I am. There are kids in the world that wake up 6am to hunt for you have to do that? Oh and to feel hated? The palestina kids have been in deep proverty ever since there water system was bombed, and no one is helping them, because of how the media protrays muslims, can you tell me how you would feel in their situation? And yet they won't even bother killing themselves, because they want to be there for their family, that is if they have one. Now, I am not lecturing you, but you need to know that life will be hard no matter what, but you need to have an open mind. Don't kill yourself, it will not be worth anything. Just become optimistic, and have a dream. That way you will be focused on the dream, not about the people that hate you.

I hope this isnt a hoax, but on the hope that im not wasting my time, please speak to your mum/dad/teacher/mate, right away call childline 0800 1111 they can talk and help you!! You dont have to feel like this anymore there are lots of things out there that can help you get over this difficult time. Im sure your Mum loves you very much which is why she is nosey!! My parents snooped on me when I was younger, My dad was convinced I had an eating disorder, I didnt but he loved me and did what he thought best to protect me.. Please please go see someone, I am very worried about you. My e-mail is if you need to talk more.

i feel so sorry for you one of me close friends from me grans was like you but sadly she didnt make it throught the night and that was because people went paying attention to her

am not gona let this happen this time im gona help you throught this

firstly get a wet cloth and put it round ur cut to stop the bleeding then fine some one you can talk to and trust i no this is hard to do so you can talk to me if you want
now this helps me when i feeling down i right a list of thisgs good and bad in me life and see what i can change and how then i go out and do it

and try to relax go in the bath and relax to some music then have a early night and try not to think of the bad things to much and in the morning u should feel better

plz dont do anything to hurt ur self you can get throught this
if you need some one to talk to you can always talk to me if you want ill be hear all the time just email me
hope u get better soon bibi

p.s there are loads of ppl out there who love and care bout you so dont dissapoint them by cutting ur life short like this plz dont

i am also 15 aswell i no how u feel

I'm 15 aswell. I run my own life. I'll smile at people in the street and if they don't smile back that is their problem. I only have about 6 contacts these days on msn, the hundreds of others I deleted. I found out that if you keep your closest friends close (even if you only have 2) and forget the other people around you then you won't have as many problems. This is my world and I prepare to live it, not live it around other people.

By the way I do feel like you allot, but I've found ways to get through it and I think it's the individual person who needs to find these "things" themselves.

oh dear.. sorry to hear ur situation had been bad..
Don't do that, i'm sure ur parents care and love u very much so don't hurt yourself anymore...
try talking to ur mum about it and i hope u feel better...

There's a lot of people who cares for u..
Believe in yourself and have confidence. u can have more friends..

Ya!! May God Bless U..

take care my dear.

my friend killed herself 2 wks ago and i saw first hand the devistation it caused her family and everybody around her. i know i will carry the pain with me for a long time.

i know what it is to become good at hiding the cuts, to stop the bleeding apply pressure and elevate the wound. you may need to get stitches.

you are worth more than another number in a body bag. the amount of times i have tried and failed and come to that same point you are at, since my friend did, i cannot put that pain i feel onto others.

please hang in there, not everyone judges. i have not judged you. it is true doctors aren't always the solution. antidepressants help the symptoms but therapy helps the causes and how u deal with them.

please get help. there are more ppl who care than u realise, even the strangers like me who are answering care.

please don't hesitate to email me if you want to talk.

I felt alot like you at your age.....
I am now 27 and with a beautifull son and another on the way....
I have had a failed marriage and had so many problems at school, I had no passes at all in any subjects....
Look hunni, the moral of my story is that when you get older you will find life gets better if your ready to make it for yourself....
Do you want to leave now not knowing what could have been???

u need a religeon of LOVE, called " Spritualism" either in Islam or in ur own religeon .try this,go to some saint like me.bye

Only 15 years old and you don't want to live anymore. That is so sad. You may feel like you have nothing to live for today and feel so unhappy that you just want to die. Just remember that their is a future for you out there. Would'nt you like to meet someone who loves you one day, get married, have a child or two who you can love in return. Please remember their are people out there who care about you all you have to do is reach out and ask for help. People won't be able to help you if you don't tell them what is wrong with them. I think you should contact childline or the Samaritans and talk to them, they will not know who you are but will help you through the bad times. I hope that someone here has been able to help you and i hope you will take care. Please don't hurt yourself anymore.:)

NO! please no! you are better than that and have the power to change things! people do care and love you, they really do, but you don't care enough to realize. you have made it this far haven't you? you can keep going then. get medication to save your life! something good comes out of the bad and this is telling you something. i may only be 13 but i know a lot. suicide is not the answer and things can be turned around if you wanted. if you ever want help or just need someone to talk to never hesitate to email me!

Everybody gets down sometimes, some people get really down and think the best way out is suicide. However this is not the way out. Being 15 you are very vunerable to emotional difficulties and it's clear that you are struggling to deal with these, however these will most probably pass as you get older and will almost deffinately decline. You may think suicide will be a great option for you but if you do it you will be hurting a lot of people that love and care about you. Everybody has somebody who cares about them, i care enough to give you this adivice! A lot of people who feel the way you do do what I call looping, where they constantly think about how low they are, they self harm and wallow. Think of things you like doing, or hobbies and focus more on them. When i was low i used my emotions to write and draw and it was a great, creative and healthy way to let my feelings out. Don't be afraid to cry either, crying is beneficial for releasing hurt and anxiety. Also DO talk to friends and family, you may be surprised how much they really care and want to help. You are so young and theres so much out there for you to live for. I would recommend you try counselling, but if not just enjoy yourself more, think of what you could do, theres a lot worth living for and you will be glad you stuck around for it. =)

Hey, look i know it hard. I have no friends either. The ones I used to hang around with have just changed and aren't anything like me anymore and are hangin around with other people I dont know. I tried making new friends too but it hasnt really worked out. No one wants to know so I usually spend my days now in my room and dont really leave the house because im all self conscious now that there is something wrong with me and am afraid people will be looking at me. Im 21, finished school and dont have a job. Im pritty low at the mo but im not going to give up just like that. I know that someday my life will be better even if it wont be for another 10 years, but someday it will be and ill look back on now and thank myself for hanging on! Also even though im hurting I dont ever want to put my family through all that. You couldnt imagne the pain it will bring them, even if you dont think it will. So my advice is to not give up just yet. You'll see that things will get better.

I don't really know what to say but please get help and tell someone that your bleeding now! Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem that could be sorted out. It is possible for you to feel better again and start enjoying life. 2 years ago I had very bad anxiety and depression and thought suicide was the only way out but thanks to a therapist helping me by using a technique called Emotional Freedom Technique I feel much better. So it is possible. Please don't give up. Also as you get older you will leave school and meet new people. As you get older people your age, will be more accepting and more mature as well. I would suggest making an appointment with your doctor and asking your Doctor about seeing a therapist to. Don't hide it anymore, start talking to people you trust so they can help you, also talking to someone can help you feel better.

I have been using this alternative therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique on my anxiety and depression which has helped me a lot. It's very good at getting rid of all kinds of negative emotions and dealing with all kinds of issues quickly. It does sound crazy but does work. It might be something that can help you.Try some of the techniques from the third link.

honey, your 15. you have such a long life ahead of you. you might be having a bad time right now, but trust me on this. life goes on. you can go to college and get a good job. you can start a family. true, life sucks sometimes and people are nasty. but there are so many good moments. take, for instance, a time when you were really happy. maybe a christmas with your family, or the time you got a new pet. remember that warm fuzzy feeling? you don't have to be alone, because you will always have a least one person who cares and loves you. i hope this changes your mind a little bit. you have so much ahead of you. don't end your life now, because in a little while, it will get better. please, if you ever need to talk, i'll talk with you.

first of all u need 2 realize that God loves u and has a plan 4 ur life. maybe u need to talk to someone like ur mom who loves u. try to get active so ppl will c the real u. so what if ur not popular? im not either but i am happy. keep on looking 4 a special friend who will b there till the end. a lot of ppl go through rough times and some earlier than others. and dont hurt urself! i bet that one day u will b so happy u dont know what 2 do! go c a doctor! it might not b the thing u really want to do right now but it is probably the best! ppl do care about u! and u probably think they judge more then they really do! also go 2 the 1 who knows u the best: GOD!!! He luvs u more than any1 else and more than its possible on earth!

keep the faith! and ill b praying 4 u!

If your in the uk, check out the link. You can get through this.Life can be cruel, but you can change things.Death is forever.

to the young child that is feeling like they want to die, life is not so bad i have a young boy your age he despairs about not having friends to hang around with but this is tempory being young is hard but you sound sensitive, and you are probably a lovely boy, with so much to offer if these friends are horrible its their loss id rather have one nice friend like you than a bunch of friends that dont care. talk to the samaratons they have a lot of experience with situations like this im thinking of you and hope that some kind person helps you just like i would like to help you.

??I'm sorry to hear that you want out but the truth is i just started a new school and i have no new friends in my class i feel so alone no one will work with me in practicals and in drama i have to see if i can work with people but inside they don't like me i can feel it, all my friends from my old school hate me and i am on my own all day my mom gets home from work at 10 so i never see her and my dad just doesn't talk to me and as for my brother he beats me up swearing when he sees me i ran away for an hour just to get away from the world, im verry depressed all the time i hate to live but i always think of this line off of torchwood " if you feel no one cares you can go for it but if theres a glimmer of hope like your friends or that first sip of tea on a cold morning then stay" it realy works you just have to think someone out there loves me or will do i just have to wait till they come or i go to them because i can tell you one thing you may not relize it yet but when you are older you will get a perfect person who will come into your life then you will stay with them till you or they die but even when you are dead and they might not be you will always be with then in there heart, I can tell you one thing just work as hard as you can at school even if you don't want to and you will have the life you wanted.??

??by the way just be yourself people will like it better than if you act silly or tough and people are not being nasty you im not im trying to help you get your life back on track??

??please what ever you do don't kill yourself life is better when you are older i can promise you if you are still felling bad i will look for you questions and help you answer then ok??

??ps wach this please it might make you think a bit difrently??

??ps im in the same boat so please stop hurting yourself i bet your better than all the people who are ignoreing you please stay??

??listen to this song please??

??someone who wants you to stay because they have hope for you??

Just read all the positive responses you've got people really do care about you,and they're all right it does get better 15 is a really difficult time of your life go see your Mum & give her a big hug and tell her you love her and please stop hurting yourself.

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