Im always thinking of stuff to buy?!

Question: Im always thinking of stuff to buy!?
Ive asked this question before!. I was never like this before!. But im ALWAYS constantly thinking of something to buy!. It drives me wild because i'll think "ooh I need jean shorts" or "ooh I need new shoes" I keep constantly thinking of clothes and stuff to buy!. I sorta have a job but I only get so much money every week and a half!. And i'll end up waiting a whole month to buy something I really want or I'll spend the money on something else because I cant wait!. If I do wait, I end up wasting a whole 2-3 weeks thinking about it!. I basically have no life because I sit at home all day long!

I do have anxiety problems being around people because of my experience with school!. I was NEVER like this before!. But this year I keep saying "this summer im going to get out and not stay inside all day" But I keep buying clothes and stuff!. I already have tons of clothes! I CANT STOPWww@Answer-Health@Com

i think youre misusing the term "addiction"!. that is a word that shouldnt be used lightly!. with addiction comes the need, the want, the insantiable craving !. if you dont get what you want (i!.e!. heroin) you start to have withdrawals along with those cravings!. when people say they have an addiction to say, eating or playing chess or whatever, its almost a mockery of people who actually have a true addiction!. this is in no offense to you though! i just wanted to clarify that!.

maybe you have obsessive compulsive disorder, and you dont feel right unless you get that certain item!? however!.!.!. you just said you usually dont end up buying the item either!.
it could just be that youre becoming more materialistic, and you just like nice things!. thats not ness!. a bad thing!. im the same way, if i dont have money on me at the time i see something i want or something on someone else, ill want it really bad and keep thinking about it till i get it!.

shopping, whether its actual shopping or window shopping, is a hobby of yours! so what if you have a lot of time on your hands and you sit around bored!. thats much better than getting a drug habit or something!.

now what youre describing becomes an "addiction"(again, wrong term)!.!. lets just say *problem*- if it ever gets to the point where you keep spending money on clothes before basic needs such as food!. it becomes a problem if you end up the streets as a result of your spending!.

say this does happen!.!.!.even so it wouldnt be hard to quit, hence my 1st lines of my answer!.!.!. i dont believe shoppers anonymous exists and theres no reason for it to exist either!. its all in your head!.

just dont become shallow and greedy, and i hope one day you discover designer items, it will be a blast!

ill be the first to admit, people who are materialistic are trying to fill a void, and/or pass the time, and make people envious of them!. perhaps you are trying to make up for something you are lacking(or think youre lacking) !.!. let me just add, materialistic girls usually scare guys off though, only the poor ones tho lol!

people do different things to busy themselves and make themselves feel better(exercise, eating, listening to music!.)

yours just happens to be shopping, and its theraputic for you! lets say that you didnt act in this way and sat at home with all this time on your hands, youd probably go crazy!. so maybe this is a good thing, just dont get carried away!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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