Does anyone else feel dead inside?!

Question: Does anyone else feel dead inside!?
Or am i the only oneWww@Answer-Health@Com

No because I have God in my life and He makes everything worth living!. Read the Bible!. It will help you feel better!.
Like Joel Osten says "Don't let anyone take your happiness!." Happiness is a choice you make whether you want to feel content or depressed!. Best of luck to you and I hope you feel better!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

No you are definitely not the only one who feels like that!. If you feel like that just sometimes, like when something bad happens its okay, but if you continuously feel like this you may have depression!. I know how you feel and all I can say is maybe you could talk to someone, like a pyschologist for therapy!. Or visit one of these websites:



Good luck and remember you are not alone! :)Www@Answer-Health@Com

yes, it seems like there is so much more suffering in life than enjoyment!. I used to think I'd be content if I followed the bible, but then I realized how many screwed up versus there are and realized how big of hypocrites Christians are!. I just try and focus on the few good thinks in life to keep myself going, and there still is life saving scripture in the bible so I'd read the gospels if you haven't already, but the bible is really more guidelines then actual rules!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I don't!.
Thats good!.
But if you do that is bad, u should consider talking to someone
that will help maybe there is something inside you that is bothering you!.
If u don't want to talk to someone you know, because u think they will judge you, consider talking to someone here its tottaly privet no1 will know who you are!.

I am here for you if needed :]Www@Answer-Health@Com

Wow, this question got a lot of responses! I used to feel dead inside, all the time!. In fact, I tried to be dead 4 times and thank God I failed (hey, like most other things I've tried!.!.lol)!. But, I'm glad I failed at that!. I finally went and got help, got diagnosed, got on some meds that made me feel not dead inside and now I feel relatively normal most days!. I feel like I have a purpose, I even feel like I kinda fit in!.!.okay, well maybe thats pushing it a little bit!.!.I still feel kinda weird compared to most people!. But now I love to write, paint, be with friends!. I enjoy my life!. I still get depressed, but normal depressed!.!.not I want to stick my head in the oven depressed!. Please, take my advice and see a therapist!. There is a whole world out there for you to feel alive in, to feel passionate about! There's a beautiful soul inside of you wasting away!. I hope this helps!.

umm i was dignosed with DEPRESSION in SEPT 2007 cant belive i remeberd that!.!.i DID feel like NUMB and like i couldnt feel the WIND or the SUNand i used to cut myself,tired scuicide 2,FAILED (obviously)!.so yes i know where u are comming from ? i asked god ot please help me and i got on my knees and just cried to please make it go away!. i gave up somthing,u have to scarfice somthing for him to help u!. for me is was staying clean so yes im not having sex at all and no i wouldnt go back to being sad!. i took depression pills but they didnt help i would feel tired all the time,took my sexual drive away and i felt like DRUGGED,STONED all the time so they dont help!. best thing is ask god to help you!.?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Meh!.!.!. I used to feel this way about a month ago, my depression was like a cup overfilling I literally felt too blue to bother about anything!. Erm, I think I'm coming back from the dead but I don't really want to, reality kills me!. I prefer my little world that I have created inside me ^^Www@Answer-Health@Com

If you feel the insides of the dead, that is called necrophilia!. It is more common than you might think, as is true of most such fetishes!. It's not my thing, but if that's what you are into then more power to you!. The only ethical issue is how do you get consent from a corpse!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

There are so many people that have this empty feeling of "nothingness" but what you have to do is find something that sparks you and everytime you think about it !.!.!.it takes you to a fantasy world!.!.!.without completely leaving reality!.!.!.once you find this you will have the answer to your specific true happinessWww@Answer-Health@Com

i know from these answers that ur not the only 1!.!.!.but i feel so alive and happy and i feel so hyper this very second im typing to fast and im even getting some of the words right and stuff so yeah i feel so aliivee!!PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!lol yeah if u saw me rite now u wud be SOOO alive and more alive then me because i can cheer people up SOOO fast !!!!!!!!!!!!Www@Answer-Health@Com

There is no alive or dead for me!. I feel the same always!. I never laugh when others do, and I stand alone pretty much always!. I can't truly say that i'm alive so I believe I can say that I am dead inside!. I might as well be anyway!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

no thier are plenty of thimes where i feel that i have no pursope in life and i am just barley alive on science's standards but when my friends and I get together we just have fun!. you should do something that makes you happy!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I've felt dead inside for years, still don't know why!. Feels as though my soul is either dead, dying or something like that!. I'm emotionless anyway, so life goes on!. In other words you are not the only one!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

No!. I don't feel dead!. I feel like I have anger and depression, all I want to do is get it out! I want to go home!. Thats all I ever say even though I am home, I think!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Not quite dead, no!.

I feel as though my insides may have been in a serious car accident, though!.!.!. and they're comatose on life support!.

By the way!.!.!. what does dead feel like, anyway!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Your not alone, as you can see, though I feel full of life!. Word of advice: see a doctor!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

trust me u aint the only 1 i feel the same right now n it sucks but ull get over it sooner or later even though u might not think so keep ur head upWww@Answer-Health@Com

I feel dead inside all of the time it's called depression and it's not a good placeWww@Answer-Health@Com

i have felt compltely dead b4!. my bf broke up w/ me ovr the phone and i was emotionless!. but now im okayWww@Answer-Health@Com

Every single day, darlin!.
Trust me you are never alone when you are in misery!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

no!.!. except when im standing outside in the 100 weather for to long!.!. then i feel dead!.!.!. but thats only because the heat makes your chest feel like its sinking in!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes sometimes!. It can get overwhelming, too!.
Message me if you just need someone to listen!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

not the only one!.!.!.!.!.!.!.

i feel 1/2 dead inside sometimesWww@Answer-Health@Com

Not dead, but life support is enabled!. The might plug might be pulled soon!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yeah Do something like a rollercoaster like i do :_)Www@Answer-Health@Com

I do!. I feel hopeless!.!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

maybe not dead, but sometimes sad!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

70% dead yes - so there's 30% hope left in meWww@Answer-Health@Com

yes i do and it is a symptom of a mental illness!. go to a psychiatrist!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes, I am feeling dead inside right now!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

i do to, i feel!.!.!.!.empty, i dnt kno how to help but no, your not the only oneWww@Answer-Health@Com

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