I need help to stop stuttering (age 13)?!

Question: I need help to stop stuttering (age 13)!?
I have been stuttering since I was in elementry school,I went to the language therpist often but it didn't help!.Now I'm in high school and gets embarrassing when I stutter!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Hi, I am 16 right now and have stuttered sense I was two!. I attended speech therapists sense the second grade!. I stopped when I finished 8th grade!. I still stutter right now and the therapists never helped me either!. I pretty much have decided I'm going to need to figure out how to fix it on my own!. Heres, some tips that work for me: If you're around comfortable people(mom,dad,family) don't keep your mouth shut if u want to say something but are afraid you'll stutter, try anyways because once you let stuttering control your life, it's really really not fun, if u wanna say something, say it, even if it is difficult!. 2!. When you approach difficult words, slow your speech down!.!.!. a lot!. if you slowly say a word/words then there's less tension!. I'm not saying "calm down" when u talk, just slow yourself down!. 3!. Try going in front of a mirror, and practice (even just for a minute or less) words or letters that are difficult for you to say!. when you can say they correctly, watch the way your mouth moves as you say the word/letter you have trouble saying!. later on, when you need to say that word or letter you have trouble with,remember the way u watched your mouth move, and try your best to imitate that!. 4!. No matter what, Don't let stuttering control your life!. here's my email if u have any questions or want even more tips, I'll give u all i got!. Zeek1212@gmail!.com I really hope you can get control of your stuttering, I know how bad it can be sometimes!. Sorry that was so long!. lol!. hope any of it can help!. stuttering may take time to fix but can be fixed, don't lose hope!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

you know language therapy does not happen overnight, it takes a great deal of work!. I hope you didn't stop doing it!. If so, get back to it now! I had a friend who stuttered all though his school years, as he got older he got controlled and it stopped, all I can say is keep trying!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

You probably need more therapy to gain control maybe a different one this time!. I have a cousin that did that and with the right therapy she got a hold on it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

On TV recently I saw a hearing device thing for stutterers that lets you hear your own voice and worked amazingly!.

It's called the SpeechEasy:

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