Addicted to cipralex....?!

Question: Addicted to cipralex!.!.!.!.!?
Was on a antidepressant called Cipralex for four years, and came of them about a year and a half a go, and struggled like hell for that year and half with out them ie; could not speak properly ( Kept jumbling up my words ), slept bad, could not concentrate, felt very emotional and would cry over stupid things, felt empty, stress would get on top of me very easy, my head felt like a cloud full of unwanted thoughts, i just could not operate and felt like i had brain damege etc!.
So i went back to the doctors four days a go and told him i needed to go back on to Cipralex, so fourth day today and i'm feeling good, i can think straight, i sleep well, my concentration is great, my head feels clear like its been washed clean of unwanted thoughts, and only the fourth day, so i have come to the concusion that my brain has been craving this Cipralex, and could not fuction with out it!. Is it possiable i am addicted to this drug, cos it sure feels like it!.
Cheers in advance!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

You may or may not be addicted to the drug!. Once you start taking any kind of medication your body get used to it and it is natural for your body to crave what it has gotten used to!. anti depressants are always said by docs not to be additive, but I think they are!. My daughter had an experience years ago on Prozac!. they gave it to her for pain!. just 10 mg, which is very low she took it for a year then stopped cold turkey; she got sick to her stomach , headaches the whole works!. the docs told her it was cause of coming off of the Prozac, most docs will not admit to that though!. If you decide to get off of it in the future make sure they wean you off very slowly!. that is really the only way to do it and be successful at it!. Or maybe your body just does better on it!. Most meds usually start having to have the dose raised eventually, and all meds are bad for liver ect!. so go slow next time!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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