Anyone have any experience with Lyrica for General Anxiety?!

Question: Anyone have any experience with Lyrica for General Anxiety!?
I am switching from Klonopin 1mg a day to Lyrica 3 times a day!. I believe 50 mg!. Not sure what to expect!. I have been on every other anti depressant trying to fight anxiety and only the benzos work but now I am trying this!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Actually yes, and its working too!. I was originally placed on it for my fibromyalgia; then I found out that it can help with my General Anxiety Disorder and Panic attacks!.

I have been able to go from 8 mg of Klonipin a day to 4mg only at bedtime in the past month! I hope to be off of Klonipin completely by the end of June and am very excited about it!.

Personally I never liked being on a benzo for so long, especially at such a high dose!. The Lyrica has been a miracle for me!. I honestly hope that it helps you too!.

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i was on lyrica for a year for fibromyalgia!. i was not aware that lyrica was for general anxiety!. it did not help my pain at all!. check with your dr!. first before coming off the klonopin!. i know that klonopin is good medicine for anxiety;, i take it!. i think you just need to take 2mg's of klonopin at bedtime!. this works for me!. get another opinion, ok!. good luck!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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