How can i fix these insecurities?!

Question: How can i fix these insecurities!?
Myself & my boyfriend just got back together on Thursday which I am extremely happy about !.we had broken up a month ago to give each other a bit of space as we wer arguing alot !.!.!.But we sat down& talked over everything we both really missed each other!.!.!.So here we are now back together!. We agreed to take it slow in the beginning!.!.!.But the problem is I am actually a very insecure person as a result of some childhood abuse!.!.!.I have explained this to him but he too was from a similar background but is not effected in the same ways as I was!.!.!.My problem is that I really want to be with him but I don't want to be too over needy as this is not attractive in either sex! What im asking here is!? Do people know of ways of building up my self esteem loose those insecurities he was very attentive in the beginning but with all relationships things calm down a bit obviously he wudn't text me the way he use to!.!.(The problem is I need that attention or I feel he isn't bothered) how can I over come this!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Hmm!. You seem to have a pretty decent life!.!.!. friends, boyfriend and activities!. Maybe your spirituality needs some tweaking!. You have to believe in your own worth and believe you are unique and special to God (if you believe in him)!. That helped me the most!. Everything else kind of flows from that!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

you can't get fulfillment from just 1 person!. spend time with other people everyday!. let each one fill up your need for attention/affection so it's not all drawing from him!. and stop thinking about just how you feel!. do things that make others feel better--volunteer at a hospital or animal shelter, etc!. this really helps me!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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