How to help a friend who is anorexic?!

Question: How to help a friend who is anorexic!?
the problem is we are not very close, i know her from highschool and last night i saw her at a get together with some friends!.!.!. she has lost a lot of weight since highschool, her skin and hair is so dull and her face looks skeletal but she feels fat and i noticed her shifting her food around and not eating a bite! i can see the suffering and depression in her eyes and i feel like someone should do something!? her boyfriend makes a lot of fat-jokes about her and is very insensitive, even though she is skin and bones!! could he be causing her deterioration!? why would a guy do that!? what could me, a total outsider do!? her close friends are kinda jealous of her and dont seem to really care or notice that she has a serious eating disorder!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

the only thing you can do really is to tell her boyfriend to stop making stupid jokes and also if you know her parents you shuld tell them and hopefully she gets help soon!. i used to be anorexic so i know what shes goin through and you dont even know that your that skinny ive only justv realised how bad i got because i looked at some old photos!. when i looked at one before i still thought i was fat as i thought my cheek was flabbing over but it wasnt it was just the way it went in!. i hope she gets help soon please do anything you can!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

David you are pathetic!

There isn't a lot you can do :(
You could try talking to her Boyfriend - why would someone be so stupid especially a boyfriend!.
Some people are just so insensitive!. Anorexic people will ignore the fact that someone is telling them they are to skinny, they will believe they are still fat!.

the problem is the BOYFRIENDWww@Answer-Health@Com

I wish I could help you with the problem of anorexia; I have the opposite problem with obesity, however, a site really useful for topics such as anorexia and eating disorders is:


Many newsworthy articles are included and it also contains some personal articles on many other subjects and dedicated to mental illness!. Also there are links to mental health sites!.

Hope it helps your friend (and you)!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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