Is there any hope for me?!

Question: Is there any hope for me!?
I have a lot of strange little problems from depression I suppose!. I beat myself up a lot mentally and physically!. I've gone to hospitals and talked to doctors and therapists and wasted a LOT of time and money!. Medications seem to kill everything about myself, any interests, love, or emotions, drive (What little was left) so now I'm kind of stuck!.

Therapists I've spoke to all seem to never listen to what I say and all give me some really bullshit excuses and hippy bullshit!. I'm really tired of the same stories and lines over and over again!.

I'm sick and I want help!. Why can't anyone help me!? I WANT help and I want to help myself!. I'm falling into debt and I don't have the chances I had before!. Where do I go next!?

Oh, and I don't do the suicide thing!. I love someone here and I wouldn't leave them behind!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I would actually suggest that you do some reading about the causes behind depression, rather than the simple treatment of it!.

This may help you find what is causing, or maintaining your depression!. Think of it as a car engine!. You really can't fix one unless you have a general idea of how it works in the first place!. Also, make sure you review as many different sources as you can!. This way, you won't be mislead by someone randomly posting false information!.

Therapists do their best to "fix" things as quickly as possible, as this is what many people with depression want!. The problem is, that the individual has to believe that a solution will work, in order for it to be effective!.

Even medication will not work, if you don't believe it won't do anything!.

The sad truth is that it takes a great deal of time and effort on your part (in addition to a therapist) to beat it!. And it takes way more than you'd ever expect!. You've definitely gotten on the right track, especially if you want help, and want to help yourself!. Many don't make it this far at all!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I know exactly what you mean!. I'm 13 and I suffer from severe depression!. I've talked to tons of professionals who have wasted my and my mom's time!. I've even been hospitalized once!. Lately, Zoloft has been working for me!. I suggest trying different medications and working with different doctors!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

It could be what you are consuming!. Some foods are just awful for our bodies and mind!. I used to see therapists, psychologists, etc!.!.Cognitive Therapy sort of helped!. Play a musical instrument or sport to channel the anger!.
I got off of my depression medication gradually!. I started to change my eating habits and exercised more!. I feel great and haven't had depression/anxiety for 10 months!.Try www!. damado!.com for eating tips!. It really helped me!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yeah!.!.!.miserable isn't it!. Get a new doctor!.!.!.one that you feel cares about your situation and tell him the antidepressants you're on are not providing the desired effects!. Every person needs a different type of anti-depressant and
anti-depressants should not make you feel dead inside!.
Once you're on the right medication, you'll be able to handle and enjoy your life!. Hang in there!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I know how you feel and im sorry that your going through this!. It sucks when it feels like no one is listening or understands!. Don't give up though!. If there's someone with you who you truly and deeply care about, then i would think of them!. Let them be what helps you get through the day!.Thats what i would do, i would think of the ones i loved or the little things in life that were so beautiful to me and it would somehow seem like things would get better!.
enjoy your life because you only live once, and i know that may seem like the hippie crap your always being fed, but i cant explain it any other way!.
im sorry and good luck!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I've gone through a very similar situation so the first thing I want to say is YOU ARE NOT ALONE!. The second thing I want to say is that I believe I have found a way out of depression and it doesn't have anything to do with medication!. The reason why we feel depressed is because we allow certain things in this world to MATTER TOO MUCH to us!. When these things go wrong or don't come to pass, depression is the inevitable result!. The solution, therefore, is to learn how to DETACH and not let things MATTER so much to us!. In other words, we need to reduce the importance and significance of these things in our minds, no matter what they are!. That includes death, our jobs, significant others, children, money, friends, everything!. THEY DO NOT MATTER AND ARE COMPLETELY INSIGNIFICANT!. Only when you develop this attitude towards the world will you completely free yourself from depression!. Not only that, emotions like fear, hatred, anger, and jealousy disappear as well!. Its all about changing your attitude and learning how to detach!. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD MATTERS!. ITS ALL COMPLETELY INSIGNIFICANT!. Develop this attitude and you'll start feeling better in no time!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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