PTSD. What is going through your mind when you have a flashback?!

Question: PTSD!. What is going through your mind when you have a flashback!?
i re-live that horrific day all over again!. i had a car wreck that killed a man!. it was raining and i hydroplaned and went into oncoming traffic!. his car exploded!. when i have flashbacks, its like i can still feel the heat from the explosion!. i can almost feel the pain i was suffering from internal injuries!. i can almost feel the dampness of the rain!. i can see the whole wreck over and over again, like it just happened!. my heart starts beating fast, i start to breathe heavy, my hands get all moist!. i still have the image of the man that died (his name was George Leverett) laying face down on the side of the road!. nobody helping him, everyone helping me!. i dont understand why i lived and he didnt!. i start to panic within myself when i re-live that day!. i cant really put into words the feeling and images that i feel and see!. they are painful and horrific!. my mind is in another place and time to which i will re-live for the rest of my life over and over!.

his family asked of me only one thing!.!.!.that was to tell people that seat belts saves lives!. after taking their father, son, husband, friend, pastor away from them, i shall tell it to the world any chance i get! this wreck took place on Jan!. 1st, 1992 new years day at about 4:45pm!. on HWY 80 in Phenix City, Alabama i was 20 years old!. i was in the hospital 3 months!. i had internal injuries, had 4 surgeries, the dash board went threw my right leg, shattered the ligaments (sp!?) in my other leg, had to learn how to walk again!. it was the most devastating time of my life!. to re-live it over and over again iis just as devastating!.

i really cant write much more!. this is the second time today i have told my story, and its getting to me!. i hope this is what you were looking for!. hope in some way this helps!.


I have three different major traumas that I am trying to deal with!. The flashbacks bring all the emotions, pain and detail of what happened at those different times!. I try to battle to stay in the present day but I very often get sucked in and when I come back out of it I am full of panic and anxiety and very shaken!. It's like you are back there seeing it through your own eyes happening over and over again, which is different to dreaming where you are an onlooker!.

I found my partner dead 3!.5yrs ago and that is what kicked it all off!. I keep trying to revive him over and over and the panic and fear all come back along with heaps of other emotions!. Unfortunately as I have been trying to deal with that trauma and get to my grief I have ended up remembering two other eras in my life that were very traumatic too!. Some days my head just feels like a battlefield with one trauma trying to overcome another and all the emotions become heightened!. I have to be alone when this is kicking off!.


Think about what it is like when you are watching your favorite TV show and suddenly somebody somebody changes the channel to something very intense-loud-violent-in-your-face-horror
and you try to change it back, but it won't respond

Flashbacks can be like that!. You are going along with your day, as usual, when suddenly there is this "horror flick" that comes across your mind and your eyes, just as intense as any nightmare, but you are awake and in the middle of living your life!. When this happens for a brief period of time, it feels like it really happened that day, with emotional and physical heart pounding, and fear that linger hanging over you for the rest of the day!. If the fear were nausea lasting for hours - that might be the best way to describe it!. It just doesn't leave you alone and you can't get back "into your day" and you keep looking over your shoulder for fear that the flashback of horror is going to repeat itself for real and today!.

Other more subtle effects of PTSD can be a feeling that something evil is lurking in dark corners of the room!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

It's a lot sharper than a memory!. Memories are a little fuzzy - a flashback is crystal clear!. All the sounds, smells, everything is recalled, and the worst thing about it is that the emotions are recalled too!. I have PTSD and I work very hard at "snapping out" of flashbacks before I get into them too deeply!. I also avoid talking about what caused the PTSD because I find that counterproductive!. Getting enough sleep and keeping my home environment as tranquil as possible helps, and making new memories!. Someone told me to make new memories, so I'm doing that!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Everything,its like being there again!.The screams of people and animals injured/dying,the blood running down the road to meet you as you run up to help,the injuries that meet you,one of your friends dying in your arms,that feeling that you didn't do all you could to prevent/save them!.Walking round trying to help other people and see nails, metal shards sticking out of faces,arms,legs and a bystander who had her ankle taken off in a traumatic amputation!.The worst thing that makes it even worse it happened on July 20 1982,July 20 is my birthday and to this date i dont celebrate it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Every detail of what happened!. how the air felt!. things that you don't normally think about!. when i have a "flash back"!.!.!.i can feel the heat of the air and the coarseness of the dirt under my fingers!. how blinding the flashing lights of a fire truck can be!. how peoples' voices sound!.!.!.and hear echos of the worst words i have ever heard!.!.!.it's different for different people!. there's some examples of how mine go!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

my flashbacks are emotional not visual!.!. the feelings!.!. the fear!.!. the helplessnessWww@Answer-Health@Com

Unbridled fear!. It's as if it's happening all over again!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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