Do you ever overestimate people's helpfulness / commitment in a given situat!

Question: Do you ever overestimate people's helpfulness / commitment in a given situation!?
For example, if you have a problem and have to talk to your family about it, does their actual response square with what you expect it to be!? i!.e!. do they turn out to warmer than you would expect or colder and more distant!?

When you think someone likes you - do you find out later they don't!?

When you anticipate a commitment, such as a 'second date' or that someone will be there for you in a given situation, does the actual outcome meet your expectations!?

Reason for asking: i think a hidden cause of low self-esteem is finding out that people don't really care as much as you thought!. (personally i have come to feel pretty worthless, at times because my estimation of that person's emotional investment in a situation usually turns out to be a lot less than i estimated!.!.!.!.that can be a blow to self-esteem)!.

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my family are always against me!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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