Do i have asperger's syndrome?!

Question: Do i have asperger's syndrome!?
i recently came across Asperger's syndrome on the internet and i realized i had most of hte symptoms!. i dont wnat to go see a doctor because my parents don't like people with "mental disorders"!. i just want to know if asperger's syndrome is the reason why i'm like this!.
-i reallly reallly like chess!. i dont know if im obsessed though!. i dont talk about it!. i play it a lot though
-i hate making eye contact!. it just amkes me uncomfortable
-i don thave any friends and i speak in a deep monotonous voice
-i dont really care about changes in routine though
-i'mr eally good at memorizing vocab words
-i have really bad posture
-i hate the sight of people throwing up and the sound of nails against a chalkboard
do you think i migiht have asperger's!? thanksWww@Answer-Health@Com

You certainly have enough signs that it is worth getting checked out by an autism specialist or neuropsychologist, who will administer a battery of tests to determine whether you are on the spectrum or not!.

Many people with asperger's dislike eye-contact!.

Odd prosody (deep monotonous voice), that is also a sign of possibly having an autism-spectrum disorder!.

No friends - most people on the spectrum have difficulty with social relationships!.!.!.in fact that is the hallmark of autism!.

Your interest in chess is not necessarily a sign but if it is your only interest, it might be considered 'narrow'!. Although, you have to be careful with that, because many neurotypicals are also interested in certain games!. A diagnostician would evaluate that in the context of your overall interests and behavior!. BTW, have you tried Yahoo chess!? You might have fun there!.

You don't care about changes in routine - ok so there is something that you do not share with many people with autism or asperger's - but that doesn't necessarily exclude you!. Having asperger's does not necessarily mean that you have to share all of the differences!. An evaluator may use the DSM-IV or other scale to make the decision!.

Sound of nails against a chalkboard - who does not hate that!? lol The sight of people throwing up - that is pretty common!. Do you have other sensory issues!? Are you unusually sensitive to certain noises or textures!?

Asperger's is a neurological difference - your parents need to be educated that if that is indeed what you have, then you are born with it and learn to live with it, not get rid of it!. It is difficult enough to cope with, let alone the stigma of people who are ignorant about it!.

If you did see a doctor, your parent's rememberance of your childhood behavior would be important for a diagnosis!.!.!.!.!.get some material off the web and print it out for them!. There is a lot of support for those on the autism spectrum!.!.!.!.!.you should not have to cope with it alone or feel ashamed and that you have to "hide" it!.

Here is a test you might be interested in:

Autism-Spectrum Quotient Test:


general resource on Asperger Syndrome


Well, a neuropsychologist is who you should see, asap!. They are really the only ones who can answer that!. Sometimes depression can make eye contact difficult!. Changes in routine would dramatically effect someone with aspberger's!. Also, a person can have sensory issues (like the chalkboard thing) without havind Aspberger's!. Someone with Aspberger's (or any sensory disorder)would be sensitive to more things and more severly, such as the tag on the back of thier shirt causing rage because it scratches, or the smell of a simple thing like paper being so overwhelming that you vomit!. Or, needing to stimulate yourself by rocking, banging yor head, flapping your arms, etc!.
Most folks, btw, hate vomiting and chalkboards!.
I think if you are concerned you should see a doctor, but probably you are just a normal teen who has some interesting quirks!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I have a son with aspergers!. It is not a mental problem!. Usually things are done in rituals!. Everything is on routine, meds, bed etc!. Balance is usually off!. I do suggest you talk to a doctor!. Aspergers is a condition that usually shows up the first five years of life!. I hope you don't have this condition, but if you do remember there is a lot of help out there!. Most people who have this are very smart like my son!. Social situation makes them tense as they don't know how to act or get clues to what is socially right or wrong!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

probably not!. People that HAVE the disorder usually have a HUGE blind spot to its symptoms!. They don't generally recognize that they are deficient in something, because to see that -you have to understand the norm and when you're not meeting it!. They don't understand the norm- how would they know if they're not meeting it!? It'd be like trying to talk to blind people about color!. You'd have no basic point of reference to start it on!. Maybe you're just quiet and brilliant!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

no, u mite be slightly autistic tho!.
but being conscious of yourself is a sign aspergers mite be there but u can counter it cuz it mite be only a mild type of it
but see a doc, 4get ur parents they will always love u
or research on the internet for more info
google the symptoms or problems bout ur life
or talk to a phsycoanalysistWww@Answer-Health@Com

those do sound like some of the signs
i would read some of the books on aspergers
maybe your local library has some
also look on youtube, it can be very helpful
good luck and take good care of your health, also get
plenty of sleepWww@Answer-Health@Com

I don't seethe symptoms with you!. My cousin suffers from this!. Aspergers is when you cant recognize emotions!. But if you think you need help (regardless if you have autism) you should talk to your doctor!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

only a certified psychologist or doctor can diagnose it, also ask yourself if you have a hard time reading peoples emotions!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

You sound very much like most people on this earth!. None of your characteristics are concerning; however, if you are concerned, see a doctor!.Www@Answer-Health@Com


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