No appetite for days, depressed and disgusted?!

Question: No appetite for days, depressed and disgusted!?
Suddenly, about 4 days ago, I lost all appetite and fell into some kind of depression!. I feel fatally sad, but panicky at once!. And I feel like all these emotions are waiting at the wall of the dam, just waiting to burst open!. What brought it on was nothing of consequence- went shopping with my mother, she wanted to go home when I wanted to stay, but ended up going home anyway!. From then on, I don't want to see anybody, including my mother!. If I see my parents, I feel like throwing up and I get incredibly disgusted!. I've been depressed before, and it feels like the misery I've kept in check is hovering above me, threatening to relapse!. I haven't eaten much- something like a muffin a day!.

I could go into more details of my life, starting from my parents getting in the way of my dreams, but I resigned to that years ago!. I don't understand why I'm being like this, so suddenly, without any warning!? I feel horrible, and yet I don't want to see another human face!. I also feel nauseous!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

i don't know how your feeling at all, but i recently was kind of in a similar situation that u are in!.!.!.!.the only person i ever lie to is my mom only because she is really strict and doesn't let me do anything!.!.!.and im goin into my 2nd yr of college !.!.!.geez!.!.!.anyway, i lie to her about everything and recently i got caught up in some of my lies and had to backtrack and got all confused, so now she knows the truth about a lot of stuff!.!.!.

soo!.!.!. after all this happened, for about a week or two, i felt like i just wanted to go out into an open field and scream as loud as i could until all the pain went away!.!.!. my heart was pounding unusually fast 24/7 and it was really wierd!.!.!.

i still have a lot more stuff i havent told her and it's killing me keeping these secrets from her!.!.!. i literally feel like i have this huge rock on my chest!.!.!.and now and then i have this trapped feeling inside me and it makes me really claustrophobic and extremely uncomfortable!.!.!.

soooo!.!.!.sorry i didn't answer your question!.!.!.but just know that there are others who are in the same predicament as yourself and you can either get help and talk about it to someone, or you can do as i do and sit back with this horrible feeling inside all the time!.!.!.which by the way, im probably gonna die of a stress related illness because i won't take my own advice and talk to somebody!.!.!.anybody

take care!.!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

You sound depressed!. Please get help!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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