I wrote this when I was at work two days ago and tell me what do you think is wr!

Question: I wrote this when I was at work two days ago and tell me what do you think is wrong with me!?
P!.S!. It's hard to understand!. I'm sorry for the bad grammars and their all mix up in errors!.

At work!. I couldn't handle being miserable and feeling down!. Everything that's been going on with my life is going out of no where!. My thoughts are killing me!. My mind is going crazy!. I can't focus!. Every single day is pointless and useless!. I can't think clearly!. My mother understands what I go through and she supports and cares about me!. I'm worried!. I'm tired of living!.
I'm wanting to cut using a razor, but am afraid to!. I get mood swings, I'm happy, then, I'm sad and then I think I'm insane!. My mind is racing every thoughts from my past, present and future events!.
Times past by and it's some what driven me to insanity!. My mind is over powering me and taking over me!. I often thought about suicide and I'm scared!. I'm always sad with no feelings of existent which I can't explain!. I cry when I'm home when no one see me!. I'm sick of being here!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Hi! I think I can relate to your problem!. I had felt the same in the past 7yrs!! There were severe problems in my life!. Every relationship was falling apart and every thing looked meaningless!. Thought many a times that life is no good i should die!.!.!.!.and I went on and on!.!.!.

One fine day I got up and said to myself!.!.!.to hell with everyone else! God has not created me to be sad!. How come everyone around me is happy and I am sad!. Since that day I have not been depressed ever!. You can follow the under mentioned points!.!.!.hope they help!.

1) Love yourself - no one will love you if you dont love yourself!.
2) Respect yourself - do not let anyone know that you are sad!.!.!.no one will want to be with you if they know you are depressed!. You are the last person anyone would want to be with when they want ot have fun!.
3) Believe in God- He has made you for a reason, be helpful to others, even if it is your mother, cook for her take her out for dinner!. Appreciate the presence of people who matter in your life!. Instead of thinking of those who are not there or who we cannot get!.

Life is very short, value time, think of each day to be be the last day of your life! woudn't you want to forget being depresses, forgive your friends for their mistakes and do that 1 good thing in life!.
4) We are all answerable to God for all the good and bad deeds!. So just think of all the good things you have done and the bad!. Cant undo the bad so try to do do as many good as you can!.!.!.time is too short we can die anytime!!
5) There are many people who will demean you and say things to make you feel sad it gives them a kick to see you in the state that you are in right now!. IDENTIFY SUCH PEOPLE ,IGNORE THEM AND BEST IS TO STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

Best of all, pray to God to get you out of this situation,He created us all and all the good and bad in this world, in short He makes the world go round!. He is the best to ask for help!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

try to go place where you feel like it!. Think positive always! Do not think of making your life miserable or just by ending it!.Don;t you think that many people fights to make their life long just to see and observe the wonder of the world!. So, be happy always whatever things happened to you do not think it over and over again!. It is us who make our life, no one can blame it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Everybody goes through tough times!.
But you seem like you are really hurting!. There is nothing unormal about these feelings!. Dont think that you are alone!. You have people that care about you!. And in your question you mentioned that you have already went to see a therapist, and for us not to reccomend it!. Well have you tried a support group!? Sometimes interacting with people who are going through the same thing helps alot!. And sweetie please don't ever resort to suicide!. PLease please please don't!. It may seem like a good idea to you to end your pain but it only causes other people pain!. Like your mother could you imagine how she would feel if you commited suicide!?
All i can say is i hope you benifit from my advise and i hope you get through this!.

If you would like to talk you can message me at ilah_dotz@yahoo!.comWww@Answer-Health@Com

Don't worry, there're millions of others like you!. The important thing is awakening inner yourself, how can you do this, well, for example saying yes to life!. Saying hello to baker near, the cashier at the market, asking how are you to the neighbour etc!. just small talks!. Don't give up, the more you invest positivity in life, the more you get pure love!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I can relate with you on most of this!.!.I'm haunted by my past and scared of my future!.I feel hopeless, worthless, and alone!. I was diagnosed with Major Depression!.!.!.I have taken everything from Zoloft to Prozac and have seen a psychologist!. But my mood rarely changed!.!.!.mostly down and wanting to die but Im afraid of hurting my mom so I dont do it!. I eventually stop going to therapy and taking meds!.!.!.!.!.

Now I just try to keep myself busy!.!.!.but honestly I still have more bad dayz than good!. Im just a work in progress!.!.!.Im slowly realizing that I am in control of my own happiness and life is what I make it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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