What EXACTLY is depression?!

Question: What EXACTLY is depression!?
Depression makes you feel down and out, no matter how much you have, or how many good things have happened in your life (or are even happening right now)!.

It can affect your eating and sleeping habits, and make you feel worthless; useless, like there is no purpose for your life!. It is a serious illness, definitely requires medical attention at the first sign!.

Depression is not to be confused with just being sad over something specific!. Depression can occur for unknown reasons, many times it is inherited from an ancestor who lived many years before you!.

Depression can cause suicidal thoughts, and even the act, that is why it is so important to get care immediately!. Depression can make everyday activities seem too hard; too much to do!. Showering can become a long, drawn-out chore!.

Many depressed people don't even get dressed each day!. They can't or won't eat, or they will overeat!. They will sleep excessively, or they will be unable to sleep at all!. Concentration can be difficult, or even impossible!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Depression is when you constantly feel sad, hopeless, loss of energy, very tearful, lack of sleep, weight loss/gain or even feeling unworthy!. But there are different types of depression!.!.!.!. If it's over a death, a break up, an argument with a friend or something external, then it can be helped by talking to someone you can trust to listen to you and eventually you get over it!.
However if those feelings continue over a long period of time then you may want to seek professional help!.
I suffer with Bi-Polar so I know it all too well!. Search "Symptoms for depression" to learn more and see how you can be helped!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Depression (the mental illness, not the normal reaction to loss or grief) is a chemical imbalance of the brain involving either seratonin, norepenephrine, or both!. The brain is not making enough of these 2 chemicals which results in a person feeling tired, unhappy, unmotivated, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, and in extreme cases, thoughts or actions towards suicide!.

For many people, chemical depression will lift over time!. But recovering from depression is faster and easier if a person seeks help!. This can be therapy, medication, or even dietary supplements like St!. John's Wort!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Depression is not specific when it comes to the type of people that it affects!. It has no rules for those of a certain age, race, sex, or social class!. However, when it comes to sex, women are two times more likely to become affected then men!. Men are affected by depression, but most stats say that women experience depression and the worst parts of depression!. Read the rest here


There is Clinical depression!.!.caused from an incident or dreary weather!.!.someting that make everyone sad but you are sadder!.!.
The there is depression that is caused from a chemical deficieny in your brain!.!.!.sad for no reason, can't function!. etc!.!.!.!.
Both need to be medicated!.!.!.!.
TAKE CARE!!!Www@Answer-Health@Com

When ur feeln sad n u wish ur world ended at that moment!. Well, that's how I used to think when I used to get depressed!. I don't anymore!. I just live with my problems and wait for a solution to come up!. That's me now!. :)Www@Answer-Health@Com

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