Ok, so you have a dual personality! you are torn in making a?!

Question: Ok, so you have a dual personality! you are torn in making a!?
personal decision about something!. which personality are you going to listen to, your dominant personality, or the alter personality!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

In dissociative identity disorder (the "new" name for multiple personality disorder), it would be exceptionally unusual to have only 2 personalities comprise an entire system (the modal number is 8)!.

As for decision making (behaviorally, emotionally, etc), the personality which is "out", by definition, is the personality which is controlling intent and behavior!. Therefore, the answer would be "either", depending on which personality is in control of the body at the time!.

Perhaps, however, you are referring to a situation in which a single individual (who does not have DID) has certain character traits which at once make a certain behavior both desirable and undesirable!. For example, a person who is both kind/loving AND ambitious/strong leader might struggle with a decision to apply for a much-wanted promotion when the person knows that his/her colleague is in dire financial straits, and needs the promotion to support his/her family!.

In such a situation, the person has multiple things to consider when rendering a decision!. It is often in these times where consulting with a trusted friend can shed some light!.


Every body have dual personalities ,there is the dominant personality and the alter personality,these together help to form a personal decision ,they are used both of them to listen to, but the dominant personality is more stronger and its used the most where the other is only listened to not very oftenWww@Answer-Health@Com

neither i would sleep on it and the answer will comeWww@Answer-Health@Com

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