How to get over this feeling?...!

Question: How to get over this feeling!?!.!.!.
Everyday im feeling depressed and all i feel like doing is running away from the life im living!.im 20 and im also extremely paranoid about the way i look and its ruining my life!.!.Im in so much debt that i cant pay back!.i know i have screwed up but im trying everything i can to make my life better!.!.!.any ideas!?!.!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes I do Sweetie!.!.!. first things first!.!.!. I don't think anyone is ugly, it is all the way they view themselves!. But if this is how you feel about yourself then start consintrating on what is in your heart!.!.!. the person inside that body that no one seeing with their eyes, but feels with their hearts!. And maybe you could make some changes for the better to inhance a better view of your looks!. Secondly there are debt speicalests out there that help you manage your debt for free!. If it is way to much for you to handle you can always go the route of bankruptcy!. Everyone says it is bad but I can tell you from experience it isn't!. It gave me a new lease on life!. They say it messes up your credit but that isn 't true either!. Sense then I have had cedit cards and had a 2007 ford pickup!. Untill I became disabled and can not work anymore!. Nuw the point is, it cleared up alot of tension for me!. You are still pretty young in your life it doesn't have to destined to be this way!. Get yourself into some therapy for your looks we need to get you some self esteem Honey!. The rest can work out pretty easy really!. Set small daily goals for yourself, not to hard but easy ones ,"Like today I am going to be happy all day and let nothing get to me, tomorrow I will work on beinbg happy and work on my apperance", do you see what I mean!? If you would ever just like a new friend to talk to email me from my profile page and I will give you my IM info and we can talk, I will do whatever I can to help you in anyway I can!. Best of luck to you, HUGSWww@Answer-Health@Com

Don't give up there!. We all feel like our lives are cr*p sometime or another, just take one day at a time!. At 20 everyone is paranoid about how they look, but just think about it, everyone worries about how THEY look, not about how you look, so cut yourself some slack!. Theres only so much we can do about our looks you just have to make the most of your good points, and at 20 you have youth on your side so thats positive!. About the debt, well we all have had money worries too!. Again just take one day at a time, seek financial assistance from the citizens advice bureau and stop spending tomorrows money!. You can only spend the same money once!. Things will brighten up for you I'm sure of it!. We have all had duff times and got depressed, take it slow things will get better, good luck xWww@Answer-Health@Com

Break things down!. Stop focussing on the very big picture, and instead make it into problems of a size you CAN handle step by step!. Looking at the whole thing just makes you feel overwhlemed and unable to do anything about it, out of control and stuck!.!.if you break it down into problems of a manageable size, then step by step you CAN improve your situation!.

On the debt front consider speaking to the citizens advice bureau, or perhaps think about voluntary insolvency plans with debt management agencies!. They can help you to break a big problem down into manageable chunks!.

As for how you look, well, is it YOU that is unhappy with it, or other people putting their opinion on to you!? If it is others, ignore them!. If it is you, then you can easily and cheaply change your look, by customising clothes using dylon, cheap ribbon, beads buttons etc!., you can get hair dye in TJ Hughes for

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