Anger and other issues?!

Question: Anger and other issues!?
I've been getting angry way too often lately, the most simple thing can drive me nuts!. I've been fighting with my family and friends on and off all month long, I make arguments out of nothing and I lose my control over my actions, which leads to everyone around me getting hurt from the things I've been saying to them!.

I've also been getting little sleep and my diet has also changed!. I sometimes forget to eat meals and I've been living on snacks for the whole month!. So!.!.I don't get hungry and I don't get sleepy!. What in bloody hell is wrong with me!?

How can I go back to being normal and how can I control my anger!? Www@Answer-Health@Com

I don't know, but I hope you feel better soon!.
Maybe try removing yourself from the situation as soon as you feel a mood surge coming on!.!.!. go sit by yourself and write down your feelings, and reasons may show through when you read it back to yourself, it's easier to look at a problem as if it isn't yours and tends to help you be more objective, thus more creative in solutions!.
Peace on ya' Sugga'Www@Answer-Health@Com

I recently went to the Dr!. for this same problem!. I did not expect the answer!. For me it is Bi-Polar disorder type 2, along with Adult ADHD!. Medicine and counseling has changed me completely!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Anger is healthy and depending on how it is managed and expressed, anger can be positive or negative!. Anger has positive consequences when angry feelings help you address a problem or issue with yourself or another person and rectify the situation!.

Dealing with anger positively enables you to put negative emotions into perspective!. When you want to let off steam, feel frustrated or upset, there are constructive ways to channel your anger like listening to music, running or going to gym!. These are often used in treating anger disorders!.

However, it appears that your anger is not being managed well, affecting not only your relationships but physical health, and can cause high blood pressure, chronic lower back pain, stomach problems and heart disease!.

Learning Anger Management Techniques may be of great use to you!
Some anger management techniques include the following:

--Identifying the cause of your anger
--Speaking to a close family member or friend about how angry you feel
--Practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, meditation or yoga
--Engaging in physical activities such as aerobics, brisk walking, running or dancing
--Reducing your stress levels by having a massage, listening to music or reading a book
--Doing something creative such as painting, sketching
--Herbal remedies such as Passiflora incarnata, Skullcap or even Flower Essences can all help to calm and soothe angry feelings when they are hard to handle

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