How to increase my memory to study well?!

Question: How to increase my memory to study well!?
The thing I read over and over again in the health section in newsmagazines is that people are not sleeping enough!. You need 8 hours sleep!. More if you are a teenager!. Hardly anyone has a normal sleep cycle much less than that - they are just so used to being chronically short of sleep that they sort of function and can't tell how impaired they are!. So if you are not getting 8+ hours, there is a big problem for memory!.

Also, make sure you are not eating a really shitty diet!. A lot of junk foody stuff makes your blood sugar go all over the place, and that can't be good for memory!. Try to get some whole grains in there - they take longer for you to digest and your blood sugar doesn't spike and crash and stuff!.

Multitasking is another problem!. No radio or TV on while you are studying!. Study in 45 minute blocks, without interruptions or racket, then take a 15 minute break and reward yourself somehow (call a friend, play a video game, pet the dog, whatever!. ) Then go back to studying!.

Good luck!! My memory is TERRIBLE (I have bipolar disorder, and did have it in college) but I did great in college when I wasn't too depressed, because I did the above!.

Oh, and let me add, for some classes, like math, or chemistry, or physics, you don't really master the material until you are a couple classes beyond and have had several months using it!. That's my opinion, anyway, but maybe my depressions were part of the problem!. other people have agreed with me thru the years, though!.

Finally, flashcards helped me, too!. I made my own!. I also wrote formulas, dates, whatever, on the corner of my test as soon as I got it, so I could refer back to that info later on!. That increased my confidence!.

Study in an environment close to where you'll be taking a test!.

Dont lay on your bed and study, cause during the test your not gonna have your bed!.
Dont listen to music, tv, radio, etc

Go into a quiet room!.
Dont study at night when your tired
and study 30 mins on 30 mins off!.!.
Craming only makes it worse!.!.
Eat a good meal
And then day of your test eat a good breakfastWww@Answer-Health@Com

exercise, it brings more oxygen to your brain!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Eat lots of brocoli lol I have no ideaWww@Answer-Health@Com

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