Im getting WAY too jealous of other peoples looks! Its getting obsessive.?!

Question: Im getting WAY too jealous of other peoples looks! Its getting obsessive!.!?
Latley, all I can think about is my looks!. I honestly dont think Im attractive, and when I see girls that are pretty Im allways so envious!. I allways try to picture myself looking like other people, instead of trying to be myself!.
For instance theres this girl in my class that is gorgeous!. She has the best hair, and her skin is really clear!. I allways wished I could look like her (obviously I cant)
This boy in school has been calling me ugly, and its really been dampering down my confidence!. But I've allways wanted to be in another body ever since I was born!.
Is there any methods or something I can do to make myself stop thinking this way!?

Im not asking this question to get a pity answer, or to post a picture of me and ask If Im ugly!. I just want to know methods to stop thinking this way, and what I can do to feel better!. Im also 15!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I learned a long time ago that I am who I am and there is nothing going to change that!. I have never been one of the good looking people of the world and when I was younger I used to beat myself up over that fact!. I would compare myself to others and make myself feel miserable inside and out!. I learned that kind of thinking is a waste of good brain space!. Being kind and caring to others is a lot more important in my book!. Do NOT let that boy make you feel bad about yourself!. He has major issues he needs to work out!. He has a lot of growing up to do!. I would hate to be him at the end of the day!. He has to be one miserable person inside!. You keep your head up and know that you are the better person!. Never think of yourself as ugly, because you are not!. I wish you the best!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

there is nothing ugly about being different :)

You should be less superficial and more spiritual just my advice - jealousy is not a good trait!. Perhaps that person may look beautiful on the outside but be screaming on the inside!.

Life is too short to do such a thing!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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