I need a good way to stop cutting?!

Question: I need a good way to stop cutting!?
i Can't stop no matter what i do so i was wondering if someone could help me out!. and don't say that i need a counselor i have one she doesn't help at allWww@Answer-Health@Com

i need to know the same thing hon!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

It can be very hard to stop with this behavior!. It's a serious problem and can take a lot of time and patience to over come!. The main thing, is to be determined to stop, that will help out a lot!.
You already have a counselor, so of course I will not recommend that you get one, however, I will say, that if she's not helping you, it might be that you need to be more up front with her, if you're not letting her take in everything, you're holding back a little bit, she can't help you!.

I find the best way to keep it from happening, is distraction, I can not cut unless I'm alone, so if I'm feeling that way at any particular time, I try to get somewhere where there are people, go to a friends house, or anything, however sometimes no one is avail, and i'll just go to the store, and walk around until i'm feeling a little more able to cope with being alone!.

They say try holding ice, snapping rubber bands around the wrist etc, these things have not helped me, but I've heard of them helping others, so you might try it!.
Good luck and God bless you and still your hands while giving you peace of mind and will of heart!.

Find an alternative method to rid yourself of unwanted feelings (and toss out anything you've been using to cut!)!. The activity could be anything so long as it's not harmful to yourself!.!.!. You're counselor could probable give you a few good ideas!.

I like to romp out into the woods or take my dog for a walk!. When that's not an option (in school or something) I just focus and draw something and it helps until the class/event is over and I can take a quick breather!.

I wouldn't recommend asking god for help, seeing as he's not real and this is one of those things you really need to have full confidence in YOUR OWN ability to quit rather then hoping for incredible help from an omnipotent being!

If you have friends that cut, talk with them and let them know that you're trying to quite and ask them to be supportive of your move; if they're not supportive then they're not very good friends and you probable should not associate with them!. Also avoid sites/books/videos that may trigger you to self-harm!. It's hard to do at first, but that's when you're most likely to give in to triggers!.

It's VERY important you have a trusted friend or family member you can call whenever to talk to, should you feel like cutting!. Having that link does wonders when you're in a bad state; I've had a good friend talk me out of self-harming many many times!.

I had a lot of issues with cutting/burning/bruising about a year back but I'm doing much better now!.!.!. Stopping cold turkey for me did the trick!. I'm very prideful, so the moment the thought, "Pfft, I can do this!.!.!. I can stop!." entered my head I was determined to quit!. That doesn't mean it was easy!.!.!. Heck, it was the hardest thing I've ever done; being dependant on self-harming made it almost impossible for me to cope with my issues in a non SHing way!.

It's just something you have to stick too and keep up with a network of supporting friends behind you!. I wish you luck, and, should you ever like someone to talk with, my e-mail is available on my profile!. :)Www@Answer-Health@Com

stop visiting websites/seeing friends that could glamorize your problem
confide in a teacher or parent or older friend that could act as your accountability partner!.

the problem is, when you suffer from an issue like this, you need someone else to help you with it!. if you try to rely on yourself, you have less chance of being successful

good luck!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Figure out why your cutting yourself!. Then Find a way to fix that problem!. Or everytime you think about it, think of something good, a positive side to your life, the reason why your here!. Possibly for family, your friends!? Or think bout what makes you happy!. Im not an expert, but thats what i would do!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

mental institutionWww@Answer-Health@Com


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