How to get rid of my shyness?!

Question: How to get rid of my shyness!?
okay this is really weird im not even shy when im at school but when im at church its so weird i get really shy and im not even acting like myself why am i shy and why am i not and how do i get over my shynessWww@Answer-Health@Com

Before, you even consider methods to overcome your shyness in school or Church, try and take a second to think if its really detrimental to you

Shyness could be an admirable character trait!

But if it's really bothering you, then shyness is usually characterized by a lack of companionship or the ability to relate to people!.

To fix that, try and consider joining a group within your Church or school concerning something you're interested in (Bible study, dance) and you'll be bound to meet alot of people who share your interest and whom you'll find it very easy to make conversation and eventually more friends!.

Hope this helped and good luck! :]

One thing that i really found helpful is making as many friends as possible!. Having more friends allows you to now that even if you fail you won't be criticized as heavily because you have friends to back you up!.

Whenever you see a friend of yours always greet them and call them by name so they remember that you know who they are!. (this helps a lot)

Once you have a lot of friends you are just naturally prone to be more confident around them, after that try introducing friends that don't know each other until you have a adequate group of friends!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Shyness is often expressed in environments that are somewhat uncomfortable (hence, not shy at home but shy in a restaurant)!. I would think you are much more comfortable at school than you are at church, which is why you are not shy then shy!. As for getting over your shyness!.!.!.I will send you a link!. It is pasted below!.http://www!.wikihow!.com/Overcome-Shyness


you have to initiate conversation with people!. if you see someone you'd like to meet, and he/she is alone, go up to them and start a conversation!. You may be bad at it at first, but with practice you will become much better, and you will gain a lot of confidence!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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